Sony PSP-3000 is I4U Top 100 Holiday Gift Tip #6

Luigi Lugmayr writes:

"Sony announced a new version of the PSP dubbed PSP-3000. The first one available in the United States will be in the Limited Edition Ratchet and Clank Entertainment Pack. The pack features a silver PSP-3000, Ratchet and Clank Size Matters game, echochrome game, National Treasure 2 UMD, and 1GB memory stick."

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mfwahwah3711d ago

I was going to buy the GoW bundle until I realized this bundle has the new PSP in it :P

Also, Echochrome rocks!

Conan9973711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

the only bad thing is that its silver only, i wanted the black psp3000 it looks sick. or white but the buttons are black

edit: it looks like a black version will be able with everday shooter and a 4gb card for the same price, available in november. its the same price aswell

aiphanes3711d ago

It is black with the 4GB memory stocks and PS Store voucher for Everyday Shooter..White and other colors will come later in the year...

Conan9973711d ago

posted at the same time as my edit, thank you!

Cajun Chicken3711d ago

People want to play REAL games; not simulations and lame applications shovelware.

aiphanes3711d ago
On August 20, 2008, a revised PSP design, model 3000, was announced at a press conference in Leipzig. Based on the Slim & Lite (PSP-2000) design,[75][76] the PSP-3000 features an improved LCD screen, a built-in microphone, and expanded video-out. The LCD screen features a higher contrast ratio, shorter response time, and wider color gamut, as well as anti-reflective technology for improved visibility in well-lit environments. Expanded video-out capability allows gameplay video to be output in interlaced format. The model is scheduled for release in Japan, Asia, North America and Europe in October 2008.[75]

System Changes
The PSP-3000 will retain the 64MB RAM for faster load times. The main difference is the integrated microphone, so a headset will not be required for voice chat. Furthermore, it will be possible to play PSP games on Non-Progressive Scan televisions. Another change will be a non-reflective screen so players will be able to play in brightly lit places without glare. [1] Also, notice in the picture of the PSP-3000 above that the home button is now a "PS Button."

[edit] Bundles
The PSP-3000 will come in two bundles in North America. One includes a Mystic Silver PSP-3000, Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters, the National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets UMD movie, a 1GB Memory Stick Pro Duo and a voucher for a PS Store download of Echochrome. The PSP 4GB Memory Entertainment Pack includes a Piano Black PSP-3000, one 4GB Memory Stick Pro Duo, and a PS Store voucher for Everyday Shooter. According to Sony, a core pack will also retail later in 2008.[2] In Europe the console will be released in eight different bundles [1] . It will retail for 199 Euros in the Eurozone and £149 in the UK.

[edit] Release
The PSP-3000 will be released in the US on October 14, 2008 ($199.99 for the bundles and $169.99 for the core, which will be released later on) [1] , in Europe on October 15, 2008 [3], and in Australia on October 16, 2008 for AU$299.95. [4]

gersh3711d ago

Guess what!?
Right after the PSP 3000 comes out they will begin working on the PSP2.
I'm not falling for it Sony.

AAACE53710d ago

I hated having my fat PSP, now I hate that I got rid of it!

I hope they do some different bundles, cause i'm not really into the Rachet and klank games. But echochrome and NT 2 should be good. They will probably make a god of war bundle or something if they know the interest is there!