3 Creepiest Things Discovered Within Oculus Rift's Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

1. The Oculus Rift is always on, and it’s watching and collecting your data.

2. The Oculus Rift wants to share your data with their Facebook ‘family’.

3. The Oculus Rift wants to own your creative content.

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Necr0philiac3030d ago

Fuk Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg . Let me watch my porn in privacy.

XiSakura_Haruno3030d ago

All your data are belong to us.

Mrveryodd3030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

Then I will not be buying this piece of sh** .
I stopped using fn Facebook over a year ago . Best thing I have ever done for myself except giving up the smokes , it is such a wast of time looking at silly bs posts by people I don't know or care about , even the people I care about mostly post crap

NarooN3029d ago

Same here lol. I never took FB seriously, it was always such a droll and absurd example of the folly of the awarenessless masses with their day-to-day. Like why would I care about somebody waking up next to their cat? Why would you take a picture of your meal rather than eating it? It's all so useless lol. Buy hey, people will do as they will...

yeahright23029d ago

Heh, I've never used facebook, never had an account, any of that. Never really saw the appeal of telling people what I'm doing, or getting in touch with friends from over a decade ago. If you're important to me or I to you, I actually talk to you and kept in touch with you.
Honestly, I don't care about what you're going to eat.

DEEBO3030d ago

Never really like for people to be all in my personal life and with the risk of losing your career over a dumb post is just too much.

Nothing is private anymore and i feel like I'm being tracked for any little thing i see on the web.

But i still want a vr headset lol

ArchangelMike3029d ago

Yeah, I try to avoid facebook as much as I can. Unfortunately it follows me ecerywhere I go! o,O

ravinash3028d ago

It takes only what you give it.


Review: Arcade Paradise VR - Gamer Social Club

Laundry, cleaning and classic arcade games all in glorious virtual reality

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Babadook787d ago

Should this be in the PC section?


PC VR On Steam Is Actually Growing, Not Shrinking

It's sometimes claimed that PC VR usage on Steam is shrinking, but here's why that isn't actually true.

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bunt-custardly102d ago

Good, silence the naysayers who talk bollocks.

Tacoboto102d ago

The context in the article is kinda like the discussion of MAU metrics. Manipulation of figures to get it to say what you want it to.

I.e. "The proportion is shrinking, but there are more players so it's actually not shrinking!"

Crows90102d ago

That's not like mau metrics ....

If there's 20,000 players and only 10% use it and then there's a jump to 40,000 and 10% are using still using it then....there's been an increase because 10% of 40k is higher than 20k.

That's an actual number increase of people using it. That's growth.

Tacoboto102d ago

MAU is used to reference engagement or growth in a game. The conversation is muddied because people want to talk about sales instead of player count. How is this not like that?

Growth can mean and be two different things. Growth of quantity, or growth of proportion. People in finance and accounting will never look at 2% in one instant and look at 2% at a later instant and say "Hey look, growth!" That's a joke, to be frank. The 2% is more than the earlier 2% but that 98% remainder also grew.

Eonjay102d ago

Which is why Sony is putting PSVR 2 on it.

Abnor_Mal102d ago

I wish Sony would have given upgrades to many of their PSVR games for their VR2 system. Unfortunately for me their pcvr movement is not doing me any favors, hopefully there’s some kind of trickle down effect.

Eonjay102d ago

Sony would only be able to Patch its own games. Devs would have to go back and create their own patches. To be frank, whats gonna stop this from happening is money. Are they willing to pay to have a developer create the patch, QA to test...

Abnor_Mal102d ago

@Eonjay totally agree with what you said about third party devs and the cost, Q&A etc, but Sony could have updated Astrobot, The Persistance, Blood and Truth, and Farpoint. Have a few in-house devs work on DriveClub vr, and pay for an update for Rush of Blood and maybe a Shadow of the Colossus VR. I would love to play Borderlands VR on PSVR2.

shinoff2183102d ago

Sure Sony mightve been able to help but reality is most of those titles were from 3rd parties.

ApocalypseShadow102d ago (Edited 102d ago )

What he's saying is that Sony should have lead by example. Instead, they haven't done shit bringing them forward and expected 3rd parties to do it themselves in bringing their own games. If Sony's not going to do it, why should they?

It's like when they lead by example in the creation of their games. Or lead by example when they make their hardware.

Hate to say it, but for PS VR 2, they are lagging big time. GT is nice. But if you're tired of sims, then there's just Horizon. I'd rather have Blood and Truth remastered at that level or a sequel than what they currently released. No chance of that though as they killed London Studios. Another bullshit move they made. About as bad as killing Evolution Studios to keep GT as their only racing game. I like Sony's platform. But I'm not buying their headset if they're not going to put in the effort like they do with flat games.

shinoff2183102d ago

Exactly. I almost bought vr2 but it's the games missing. Sure that horizon might be dope but I'd prefer the full horizon, or last of us, Spiderman, something. Pay some 3rd party devs. I was hoping to get that fallout 4 but that's not happening now lol

shinoff2183102d ago

Vr is dope. Idk know why people wanna hate. It's definitely a dope next step. Even if it's a sidestep. I really wish more developers would throw down. Imagine a last of us with vr, or a final fantasy game, all kinds of stuff. It would be incredible.

bunt-custardly102d ago

Praydog's FREE UEVR mod is working wonders for the PC VR community.


The newly founded 'Flat2VR Studios' aim to make VR modding a serious business

The Flat2VR community is taking the next step and announced a studio that will develop and commercialize licensed VR ports.

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Profchaos128d ago

This is great news I love virtual reality and my psVR2 however it's clear that the current bespoke way of building VR games is not working. There's some great games that have been released Absol but they are few and far between and if they are native they are clearly lower in budget and scope then at least I would like. It's definitely jarring to.go from high quality games like Spider-Man 2 to the biggest VR releases like Arizona sunshine 2 and see the huge gulp in quality.

This company aims to streamline porting older games into VR and make them feel as VR native as possible.

And to be honest some of my favourite VR experiences have been traditionally flat screen games ported into VR like resident evil 7, 8 4, doom 3 with the aim controller or borderlands 2.

And I'm not saying that there isn't great native VR games to be found I'm saying more traditional games ported over would be very welcome we have decades of amazing games that we all love and VR presents an opportunity to truely bring us into the world.

just_looken128d ago

The floating hands wires climbing/tool sims need to go for sure.

But i want the sword art online vr now that would be awesome

Leeroyw128d ago

I just found my people. Massive vr fan here but I want to live in older more broader era experiences that were made for traditional gaming. But in VR.

just_looken127d ago


Rollarcoasters would be something else in vr