The hottest girl of GC 2008 is... the Cooler Master girl

MaXconsole writes: "Ever since E3 fell to pieces, the Games Convention has offered an improving gaming spectacle for the gaming public. The Games Convention also has the added bonus of booth babes being allowed, and this years convention played host to a whole variety of super hot babes promoting various gaming gear. But none were hotter than the following...the Cooler Master girl and as some attendees put it "This one is TOTALLY HOT. Every chick just fight for attention here, and she just stayed and more than 10 photographers at once makes mass photos." So congrats to you Miss Cooler Master for winning our award of being the hottest booth babe at GC 2008!"

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PirateThom3732d ago

Pfft, she's not as hot as me.

JsonHenry3732d ago

I prefer organic women, thanks but no thanks.

RiseOfMonster3732d ago

Going from the pic in the story I didn't know humans could produce silicon naturally.

donator3732d ago

The hottest according to Maxconsole. Beauty is relative.

Bombibomb3732d ago

No. The hottest girl of GC 2008 was Jacqui Ainsley A.K.A Madison Paige from Heavy Rain.

Guwapo773731d ago

Ol'Jacky there needs some biscuits and gravy to put an ass on those sticks.

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Firstkn1ghT3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

Oh yeah I remember her. Damn woman wouldn't stop asking for my number! What can I say chicks love Halo players. :)

Meus Renaissance3732d ago

Ugh, so many plastic girls nowdays.

moses3732d ago

Obviously fake boobs + odd face seems to be the combination now adays.

ICUP3732d ago

She seem to have a big forehead, still i'd hit it.

Kami3732d ago

with a fukin bat in the head.

hazardman3732d ago

yeah def. got a big forehead also i would have like to see if she has a nice ass..but i'd beat it up..

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The story is too old to be commented.