PS2 Software Emulation

Recent PS3s, if you're in Europe, can't play PS2 games - they lack the required magic dust that launch models made a selling point of. To be honest, PS2 games tend to look a bit crappy when they're upscaled on a HDTV, but Reeves has suggested that in addition to the PS2 SingStar games being able to run natively on a PS3, SCEE are looking into other titles which also might be worth the time to convert, according to this German site (credited url).

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plain rice3798d ago

I thought the new Singstar for the PS3 lets you play tracks from the PS2 Singstar disc not actually emulating the full game. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Darkiewonder3798d ago


It's only an engine to run and decode the songs on the ps2 disc but you're still basically playing the ps3 Sing Star [since on the they said you're still able to download songs while doing so]

so it's not an emulation of ps2 game.

Ju3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

That's not was Reeves said. He said Singstar PS2 will run on the PS3 thru emulation (no Singstar PS3 required).

Sie werde mittels einer Software-Emulation realisiert [...] Mit diesem ließen sich alle PS2-Singstar-Folgen direkt auf der PS3 abspielen. Man benötige kein PS3-Singstar. "Wir beobachten, bei welchen Titeln sich dies noch lohnen wird, und werden in Zukunft möglicherweise weitere PS2-Spiele auf der PS3 per Emulation zum Laufen bringen." Dies sei jedoch ein technisch sehr aufwendiger Prozess, weil die nötigen PS2-Chips den aktuellen PS3-Modellen fehlen.

It [Singstar PS2] is implemented thru SW emulation. With it all Singstar PS2 titles will be running on the PS3. No PS3 Singstar is needed. "We are watching, if this makes sense for other titles as well, and will possibly make further PS2 titles available for the PS3 via emulation." It is a technical very complex task because of the missing PS2 chips in the current PS3 models.

(well, I hope I got it somewhat right).

afghani3798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

Well, only time will tell us that boys and girls.
I think when sony has retired the ps2, they might add bc through emulation..just be patient.

But i was watching the leipziq conference with this mr. reeves and..hehe i hate to say this but damn, what a bad presenter he is! I mean he was talking as if someone has holding a gun to his balls:( so nervous and he never smiled once during the whole conference.

Compared him to hirai, he presents like a 10 year old:) hehe
just had to post this:)
Is is me or was he really that bad?

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt3798d ago

i didnt buy my ps3 to play ps2 cry me a riverrrrrrrr

360rxorz3798d ago

Hahahahaha your oh so powerful PS3 cant even play PS2 games hahahahaha, what a joke! Hahahahaha, good thing the PS2 didnt have any good games to play, just like the PS3 hahaahahaha!

zo6_lover273798d ago

ps2 didn't have good games?
God your an idiot.

plain rice3798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

To say the PS2 hasn't had any good games to play shows how retarded you are. You've been hibernating too long in Microsoft's ass.

killing_Art3798d ago

I guess you are swimming in your giant library of amazing xbox 1 games, oh wait!

Mad Aizen3797d ago

pulled something in my lower back reading the replies to your comment. I need air.

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Cajun Chicken3798d ago

And this my friends, is why I bought a 60gb EU/UK PS3; only games I possess that don't run on it perfectly is the old Ratchet and Clanks. Everything else I chuck at it seems to work fine

Note Microsoft can't be arsed getting half of XBOX (1) library of games games working on 360 either.

So there.

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