Rare Founders Leave to 'Pursue Other Opportunities'

Chris and Tim Stamper, two of Rare Ltd.'s (Goldeneye 007, Perfect Dark and Viva Pinata) three founders have left the studio. While the news surfaces in the wake of disappointing sales figures for Rare's excellent Viva Pinata, Microsoft told 1UP that sluggish Pinata sales had "absolutely" nothing to do with their departure.

"Chris and Tim have helped shape Rare into the world-renowned development studio that is it today and their impact on the videogame industry as a whole is well known. They are simply leaving to pursue other opportunities and we wish them luck in their future endeavors."

The Stampers' exodus comes just four years after Microsoft acquired Rare from Nintendo for $375M. Since that acquisition, Rare has published five games for Microsoft Game Studios.

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Microsoft Master5240d ago

I wish Rare would make a good game again. Personally, i thought Perfect Dark Zero was very rushed and an average game. Kameo? No thank you. And what on earth was that Grabbed by the Ghoulies crap! If Rare have to go back to Nintendo to make quality games again then it must be done, because it saddens me that such a premium developer like Rare has literally been dragged down the toilet ever since being aqquired by Microsoft Game Studios...

SimmoUK5240d ago (Edited 5240d ago )

Meh they should stop making kiddy games and work on something serious, rare were great in the banjo days but since Microsoft aquired them they've gone down hill. Microsoft's inhouse studios havent got a touch on Sony's, Playstation has the best developers working for them in the world imo...

Microsoft Master5240d ago

I agree with you about rare. They should focus on something more serious. Not too sure about Sony having the best developers though. They did but the tables have turned this time...

Islandkiwi5240d ago

I really like Viva Pinata. I thought Kameo was a very good game, and PDZ was okay, but rushed out the door. I enjoy Rare's games, but sometimes I feel they need a bit more polishing before hitting the market.

benny o klaatt5240d ago

i personally liked, pdz, viva and kameo, yeah pdz feels rushed but the multiplayer is awesome, but even though they were trying to broaden the audience of the 360 by introducing kiddy games it never relly worked, which is a shame, maybe when viva pinata tv hits european shores it will make VP a kind of sleeper hit. maybe
gamertag: benny o klaatt

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The story is too old to be commented.