Age of Conan Expansion Coming In 2009

At the recent Leipzig Games Conference, Funcom developers announced that the first expansion to Age of Conan is planned for a 2009 release. Details about the expansion are sparse, but a significant amount of new areas appear to be in development for that and a free upcoming content patch. Massively points out a video which showcases some of the new content. 1Up has a piece of concept art for the expansion.

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Baba19063734d ago

this game is no good. its just bug after bug after bug. with a lot of imbalance and a lot of grinding. so i dont kow why they are anouncing a addon. gosh

GIJeff3733d ago its too hard for you? i get it. Well stick to noobland of warcraft or noobhammer online... this game offers unbeatable graphics, a decent story, and the best combat system ever for an MMO. This game does not allow for the typical "eat a sandwitch in combat" style that WOW users are used to. Its very active, you must dodge, block, and perform combos in order to be effective. If you give this game an actual chance (get to level 30+) you'll find its extremely deep and very fun. The addition of a single player storyline is also not too bad either, if you're into story driven gameplay.

jaja14343733d ago

Played it to 80 with my little Necro. Graphics are indeed nice but the effect of them wears off after a few hours.Story was decent but again that means nothing at 80. And combat was well, I played a caster and it was exactly like every other game I played. Only difference was the double tapping, but honestly when the game is all about who can one shot the other first the whole great combat system goes about the window.

Also the fact that you call WoW and WAR "noob" games leads me to believe that you are indeed an AoC fanboy(which it self makes no sense what so ever. I mean why pledge alliance to a game? Why not play and probably enjoy all of them?) But I digress as I was saying your post leads me to think you are a fanboy which sadly makes all of what I typed pointless. :(

Baba19063733d ago

yes its defiantly too hard for me, i could not reach level 2 couse the mob was too strong. no honestly i just think the game is way to broken. and yes i thought it was more entertaining to wait for warhammer online, but i respect your opinion. I was pretty addicted to aoc the first two month but i got way to frustrated after some time.

MattQC3732d ago

Duh the game is not too hard it just plain suck.. they lost 50% of their customers in a couple months.. that speak for itself.