PS4 Gets Free Warframe Dynamic Theme, and it’s Quite Good; Screenshots/Video Inside

Warframe just celebrated its third anniversary, and Digital Extremes released a brand new theme dedicated to the game on the North American PSN.

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DLB231658d ago

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm sure this has been discussed at some point, but 90% of the themes are terrible on PS4. They just look really low quality. There are a few that are good: MLB, God of War, and Call of Duty AW. Asking for anything over $2 is a bit much for a theme. Hopefully we get better themes more reasonably priced or better yet custom avatars too.

Abriael1658d ago

Well, then it's good that this one is free and good.

Abriael1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

But it is. That's what "free" in the headline and on the PlayStation store means.

nowitzki20041657d ago

How is it not free? I can go download it right now without paying a penny.. Is that not free?

P_Bomb1658d ago

Tearaway Unfolded, LBP3, PS 20th anniversary, Until Dawn, PSNow, Journey, BvS, the Order, Rapture, Oddworld, Bloodborne had decent dynamic themes iirc.

I generally dig ones that change up the background music, even if they're static (Witcher3 ciri, REAnniversary, LIS, Destiny etc). Fortunately this is is one of them, and is a bit dynamic too. And free.

nowitzki20041657d ago

He just likes to find something to bash the PS4 for. Dont mind him hes a stealth troll. Not too stealthy though.

Tornadobounce1657d ago

Wow finally a reason to buy a next gen console.....

mogwaii1657d ago

Ithere really are a shit tonne of really bad and over priced themes on the playstation store.

nowitzki20041657d ago

Yeah, just like everything else you buy. Theres shitty and overpriced stuff, and good and cheap stuff too. Theres some awesome free ones as well.

Still wish it was like PS3, I used to go on PS3s web browser and search google for PS3 themes and download them.