Psycho-Pass, Criminal Girls and Limited Editions an Interview with NISA

Oprainfall sat down with Robbie and Alan from NISA to discuss their upcoming titles such as Pyscho-Pass and other future projects at GDC 2016.

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TheColbertinator2610d ago

Eager to play that Psycho Pass game. Vita version hopefully

Chaos_Order2610d ago

Me too! :)

I find it interesting that in he interview they stated that Danganronpa and Zero Escape have had a big impact on visual novel popularity. I played Virtue's Last Reward and Danganronpa on a whim and they blew me away. Now I've gotten through Steins; Gate and am nearly finished with Code Realize, and I can finally see how good this genre can be if executed right.

I'm hoping Steins; Gate Zero, Root Letter and others come over to the west, and hopefully with a physical Vita edition. Handhelds are simply the best for visual novels. :)