Suikoden Ttierkreis Screens

Famitsu has released some screenshots of Suikoden Tierkreis,a great RPG title for the DS

Fully titled Genso Suikoden Tiekresis, this latest entry in the classic Konami RPG series appears to take place following a battle in which the 108 chosen heroes of Suikoden lore are wiped out. The movie sequences shown at the top of the page are, according to the site, from the last battle of the 108 chosen, although the site does not provide clarification on what exactly is going on.

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PS360WII3759d ago

wow rather impressive art work. Will be looking forward to more news on this title

ExcelKnight3758d ago

In all honesty? The new artwork, while fitting in with the newer Anime titles, looks impossibly bland compared to the artwork previously seen in the franchise.

Suikoden was all about the beautiful environments, yes, but it was also about the beautiful characters as well.

I'd much rather see a more detailed version of Suikoden 5's artwork than this new look. Here's hoping they go back to it when they decide to make Suikoden 6.