Wipeout HD Details and Gameplay Video

O.k., so we've got some Wipeout HD details for you guys!

* The game will run on 1080P @ 60FPS
* It will have Split-Screen mode, and 8 person online multiplayer
* You won't have to use the SIXAXIS
* The game will support trophies + platinum trophy, which is usually saved only for retail games and not for PSN titles.
* The game will support XMB soundtrack, so great for kind of this game!

It's coming pretty soon to the PSN, so start your engines and enjoy this gameplay video.

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TheColbertinator3734d ago

Looks great.At 1080p I can see why this game causes seizures

SpaZaA3734d ago

were never confirmed.

SpaZaA3734d ago

somebody man-up and link where it was confirmed!

dro3734d ago

but the person playing sucks just like in 80% of game videos we get!!

Liquid Dust3734d ago

Yea id love to see a gameplay video of a real good player on a faster class, is venom the highest class in the psp version? Cant remember

xjxdoggystyyle3734d ago

game runs smooooth as butter...this looks real real real real good..was huge fan of past wipeouts..and the psp wipeouts...def day 1 purchase here...looks fantastic

Epic3734d ago

Venom is the slowest class..

then comes flash..
then comes rapier..
then comes phantom.. (the fastest).

in 'zone' mode I've seen that you also get classes in between.

hope that helped.

Liquid Dust3734d ago

Hey thanks for clearing that up, i guess that goes to show you that its been a while since ive touched on wipeout for a while, i should just bust out my psp again and maybe download the first wipeout from PSN to prepare for HD, lookin forward to playing with everyone

Epic3734d ago

I've just been rinsing wipeout pulse ... the demo lol. I kno moa therma like some crazy person lool.

but yeh i am just waiting for this HD one (this time i wont be cheap, so, I will buy the full game hehe).

But yeh look forward to it.. maybe I'll see u on there hehe.

nice name by the way.

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Bren863734d ago

Can't wait. Any ideas on how much £?. So is it only psn and not available on disc?

hella whip3734d ago

I would imagine it will be be £20/$40.

JEDIaNIN3734d ago

You give details but no price, come on Sony how much?

dro3734d ago

psn games are not that expensive,it might be in the same price range as gt5p,r&c quesst for booty e.t.c

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The story is too old to be commented.