Ten Golden Rules of Videogame Piracy

Destructoid writes, "If you're reading this, then chances are good that you're what we might call a "hardcore" gamer. You love games. You love buying games. You want to have more games. However, unless you are Roman Polanski, it's highly likely that you don't have the kind of ready cash to consistently splash on such decadent items."

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RememberThe3573760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

If you don't have the money to get all the games you want to play rent'em on Gamefly or something like Blockbuster. We need to support this industry we love so much not steal from it.

Great article Destructoid.

sack_boi3760d ago

...but I highly support movies and music piracy : the people in those business are getting way too much money. They're complaining about piracy because they are too greedy and want even more money (to buy and 3rd private jet on the 4th mansion for a 10yr old kid).

the people that pirate movies or musics are the ones that barely have enough money to feed. so fk em.

RememberThe3573759d ago

I don't know how many movies I have on my PS3 hypocritical, but it's a lot ;)

badz1493760d ago

they will always want to take advantage of the loop holes in PC and consoles in order to make money by selling pirated games! the one to blame are the hackers who constantly trying to break the codes and securities in the name of freedom and with homebrew as the reason to do so! that's just lame because homebrew is just an excuse when piracy is the true intention in disguise! in most 3rd world countries, consoles are sold pre-modded and most stores(small one) have almost none legit copies of games only the pirated ones and lots of them!!

360 and Wii have fall to the hackers hands! although XBL is unaccessible for modded consoles(I think) but most people just want to play games on their own and they don't care about online! Why would they pay full price for something similar minus the online MP for up to 5 times cheaper? that was the reason PS2 sold so well! but even it's hard to admit, but the truth is, PS3 will never do PS2 numbers in its whole life if it stays unhacked because most people in 3rd world countries are not willing to spend much on legit games because they are expensive! I'm a PS3 owner and thus I buy all my games legit and imported them so i can get it cheaper but still need to slow down in buying them because they are still expensive for my salary! buying an original game here is like living in USA and buy one game for $288! just imagine that!

hay3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

Yes, there always be piracy. It helps a bit selling hardware.
Something I heard from few people I know: "I prefer X360 cause I can download games instead of buying them, it's cheaper". And honestly, it's their choice. It hurts gaming market, true, but people have their reasons.
Some are so narrow-minded living in richer countries, prents buying them games, but there are people less fortunate who have right to live on decend level and treating them as those who walk into the stores and stealing game boxes is just unfair.
It's not so black and white as you think. Pirate = evil, buyer = good. Some may not understand, it's their choice not to use brain, but world's not so simple. There's more than 0 and 1 here.

I don't wanna support piracy, it's a global problem, but treating them as criminals sucks. Greedy music companies and artists have started this stereotype and you people follow it blindly.

The funny part is that Americans are shouting loudest but 90% of DS users have R4. Yarr? You have games for like 60 bucks, especially when usd is worth sh*t now, I would be in heaven to leave in such cheap country but you as*holes can't imagine that in some parts of world games are more expensive when people are earning less than you.

Doggstyle3760d ago

I agree 100 percent, but I have been banned from the gamer zone until tomorrow for "insulting" another n4g user.I guess calling a jackarse, a jackarse , gets you banned.

Timesplitter143760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

#7 gave me a thousand rofl's and #8 was brilliant

and #2 is very true and it's the same for movie and music piracy. If someone offered me a free gamecube, for example, I'd take it. But I'd never buy one now

overall awesome