Nintendo May Be Done With DS Cartridges

Twinfinite writes, "Still, it's extremely likely considering how long the DS has been out of commission. If anything, the only surprise is that this didn't happen sooner."

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PhoenixUp2616d ago

Has the DS been discontinued yet?

BrandanT2616d ago

What? I thought it happened a lot sooner.

RosweeSon2615d ago

Maybe when the next handheld comes around but currently no, sure they won't be making any more new games but Pokemon black and white (and number 2 of each) have only been out a few years and all compatable with 3DS. With Virtual console starting to put DS games up (Wii U Has a few and 3DS has Wario ware touched now even if through my Nintendo for the time being) so they could bring it to and end and just start putting all the games on the eShop instead. There's no major rush tho not like 3ds has been hurt because they kept all those extra games available to play on 3ds. More games the merrier but yeah reckon DS will get dropped on next system.

RosweeSon2615d ago

Only just properly started GTA Chinatown wars the other day what a game.