Rare shows DS love with Diddy Kong Racing

Promised features include use of the DS' touchscreen and microphone, the ability to customise the vehicles – the original Diddy Kong Racing let you choose either karts, planes and hovercraft – as well as what Rare's calling TT's Wish Races. TT is one of the game's strangest characters, being a stopwatch, and Wish Races will enable you create your own tracks, which you'll be able to share and race with your mate

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eques judicii5249d ago

does that mean that microsoft is going to be making money off the ds??

BIadestarX5249d ago

Yep, that's right.... lol

MicroGamer5249d ago (Edited 5249d ago )

Back in the 80's Atari started making software for competing computer platforms using their exclusive licenses. Mattel also had M-Network which was ports of Intellivision games for other consoles, and Coleco also made a lot of their Colecovision games for other systems. Developing or porting games for your competitors isn't a new thing. DS does not compete directly with any existing MS product, so it really doesn't threaten MS to port or develop titles for the DS. Besides, think about it, all those millions of DS users all over the world switching on their DS and seeing the Microsoft logo, maybe they might get a few people interested in 360 or Zune who might not have otherwise been.

The fact that Rare is developing for Nintendo again, does make the situation with Goldeneye and Perfect Dark appearing on the Wii virtual console a bit more interesting, though. MS/Rare will make a ton if they decide to work with Nintendo to make those games available again. Of course, if they do decide to sell them on VC, or even on the DS, I would expect them to also sell them on Live Marketplace.

Odiah5249d ago

Nintendo will die before you see Goldeneye on 360.

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