Insider Teases God of War 4 Will Have a Nordic Setting

Well-known industry insider Shinobi602 has teased that the next God of War instalment will take place in Nordic mythology.

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-Foxtrot2438d ago


I wonder if they'll continue in the same world or set it in a new one

Even if it was like a remake-retelling where you still have Kratos but he goes up against the Norse gods in an altered story I would be fine with that

ruefrak2438d ago

I say keep Kratos and have it be a sequel. He just finished killing Zeus and the gods of the north are watching in terror. This mortal has slaughtered their fellow gods and they may be next. Odin, Thor, and the rest team up to finally kill Kratos and keep the gods of the world safe. Would be cool if they also brought the Egyptian gods into the fold as well.

Prubar2438d ago

I love GoW but I'm also biased towards Vikings (got Nordic tattoos and currently playing Tusk in KI). So I'd be down for a Viking setting. I'd just want it to be with a Viking player.

Prubar2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

Well with GoW ascension not sitting to well with reviewers and the community (I personally didn't mind it) I think the GoW franchise needs a serious shake up. I have full confidence that they'd be able to make a new, equally iconic weapon or move set. Plus Kratos is just so one dimensional. He was fine for the first few games but that was a while ago and character development is so much more diverse now.

Eonjay2438d ago


Ascension had some fantastic boss battles. And solving puzzles with time reversal/fast forwarding powers was a thing in GOW before QB even existed. That last puzzle though was hard as hell.

k2d2438d ago

Here is my take on it:

1) Putting Greek Kratos in a universe with Norse mythology would be parodic and wouldn't serve the series or Norse mythology much justice.

2) The roles of Zevs and and Odin aren't coinciding, so a straight up God of War game wouldn't make much sense.

3) Norse mythology already loans a great deal from greek and roman mythology; It made sense in that mythology and religion raised moral and faith in war and harsh times.

If they keeps this things in mind, I'm very exited with what they're able to achieve.

hay2438d ago

Yeah, that was Jaffe's idea for next iterations. But knowing the scrouge of playing it safe, it will probably be some kind of Ragnar/Floki/Rollo pop culture TV bullshit.

Kratos in viking era would be the tits.

VenomUK2438d ago

Personally, I think Norse mythology is too similar to Greek but lacks the amazing range of characters and monsters that everyone is familiar with. I think Egyptian would have been more exotic and if you look at movie The Mummy their could be some amazing enemies such as the Anubis army.

God of War 4 can have a brand new setting and brand new mythos and even a brand new God of War - as long as it's Kratos! I don't mean it has to be connected to past continuity but the same character design, the same voice actor and the same face. Sony created a legend of a character they'd be foolish to just throw him away.

But what would be extra cool is if near the end of the game Kratos starts having strange flashbacks, memories of another life, as son of Zeus!

k2d2438d ago

@VenomUK: Not true. There are lots of characters to spin from. The problem lies in the Odin and Tor not being the slightest bit antagonistic.

Most greek gods are flawed in very human ways - antagonistic sometimes, antagonistic at others. But there are lots of antagonistic characters in Norse mythology, so there is still potential for games there.

NewMonday2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )


Norse mythology is actually pretty big, Lord of the Rings is mostly based on the same creatures in the myths (trolls, elves, dwarfs..etc)


Surt, Hera, Loki, Ymir are the usual suspects

Herpofderpopol2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

One look at age of mythology(the game) is enough for me to think there's enough bad ass stuff to use. Hopefully if it's real they switch it up a bit more, I love GoW, but I've ripped enough minotaur jaws apart for health and pulled Medusa heads off for magic.

BlakHavoc2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

I honestly think that story would be kind of silly, the game would basically just be pure epicness cause the story itself would make zero sense. How can you have gods from a different mythology intertwine in the same universe? I think doing a game based on Norse mythology is good enough, but leave Kratos out, he has absolutely no reason to fight Odin and Thor, I think they should make a Viking protagonist, that would make more sense.

fucadastates2438d ago

@ k2d
Odin could be the biggest dicks in the mythos.
the ONLY one, who heard/was told about ragnerok from vølven, was/is Odin.

He could lie? he is a mighthoring dick. He banish Uld to taksdale (woods near vallhalla in asgård), after the other gods made Uld king, while Odin was away.

Now take Loki. He could be the only one REALLY doing odins bidding for a long time. Take the death of Balder. Odin, the allknowing, allseeing god.. does not know about the mistletoe.. come on! Odin just wantet his son/threat gone!

Now when the gods turn on loki, he is made, that odin is not aiding him, making him mad!

And lets play with loki.. Is he the real dad to Trud, Tor/thors daughter..? you know, the sif and her hair thing ;)

Lots of ways to make thor or odin bad as shit. Gunlød must hate Odin just a bit eh?

k2d2438d ago

^^"Most greek gods are flawed in very human ways - protagonistic sometimes, antagonistic at others.." *fixed*

@[the fellow that pm'ed me]: "Remember, Hercules in God of War 3 was a villian despite being portrayed as a hero in other media."

It's true. But in the whole scheme off things Hercules was always a pretty insignifigant character, same as Kratos. The writers for GOW wrote him that way, and it fit with Zevs being multi-dimentional, flawed character.

Odin is more akin to "The Wise Father", and his peers - ultimatly what good people strived to be like.

In eccence - norse mythology is more black and white, good and evil, while greek mythology is more multi faseted satirical, tragic.. more theatrical and extreme.

It would almost be like making a GOW game with Hindu gods, or Buddha.

Jayszen2438d ago


Nice short synopsis there - but one could argue that Kratos and the Titans were justified in wantng Zeus and his merry band annihilated. Why would Odin, Thor and Heimdell want Kratos dead for wiping out Zeus & Co.? A bit of a stetch to have Greek and Norse mythologies so entwined but I guess one could also make the point anything goes in a fantasy.

jmac532438d ago

I say entirely new character. There is a Norse god of war or war-spirit but cant remember the name. It would also be cool later on in another sequel for Kratos and the new character to meet.

wsoutlaw872438d ago

I would love a new kratos game, but I do like the ending to 3 and I don't see him out for blood after that. I think it would be easy to create a viking version of kratos to battle the gods.

fucadastates2438d ago

k2d what the F

"Odin is more akin to "The Wise Father", and his peers - ultimatly what good people strived to be like. "
Yeah, if you think murder, stealing, threats, insecst, cheating and destruction/killing of innocents is what good people strived to be like...
But then again.. EVERYONE trust ODIN, when he tells the tale of ragnerok, as he is the only person to have heard it. Now his enamys/oponents think its the truth. Have hope, in the end off days (at least we kill those, how have wrongt us for so long).
Did odin lie? Has he killed enught humans to make an army big enought? Why is he the only one to be able to drink skalvemjøden? why is he such a big dick!?!

Finaly the god of wars series have a good setting.

"In eccence - norse mythology is more black and white, good and evil, while greek mythology is more multi faseted satirical, tragic.. more theatrical and extreme. "
Its as black/white as greek. Like the greek mythology, its tales of gods, to match the commen life/struggles. A way to explaine nature, life, why bad things happen and so on. Dependning on where the tale is told in the world, odin is good or bad.

UltraNova2438d ago

God of war is Kratos to me. I know it wouldn't do Nordic mythos justice if they mixed it up with a Greek demi God invading them(even if its heavily influenced by it)but it would be cool as hell!

As I said they need to keep Kratos, just give him a reason for eliminating Nordic Gods.

k2d2438d ago

@fucadastates: Lol, now you're talking as if Odin were a real person, deceiving people. If you're going to be like that about it, he could just as well be talking about the next big cataclysm thats bound to happen, and he wouldn't be wrong.

Do you really think their viking gods were depicted like that? Do you really believe they were taught to be as gruesome as they could be by their folks tales about the gods? - Then you are making up your own facts.

You know as much that the Vikings pillaged, raped and burned down towns, and you've decided that their religion was to blame.

I'm saying Greek mythos was more multifaceted because Greeks themselves made their gods like that; not like something to strive for, but something that mimics and even pokes fun at human behavior.

Ricksta_132438d ago

Can`t wait for some more God Of War!!

I like the theory of the Norse gods watching Kratos destroying the Greek Gods and have to intervene.

I`d like to imagine a similar character in the Norse mytho who`d wants revenge like they've witnesses Kratos do to the Greek gods. Say this person gets executed for some unjust reason and their soul leaves their body. I could then see Kratos on the verge of death after God Of War III and his soul stars to leave his body but then this Nordic soul becomes entwined with Kratos's soul and brings him back to life. Maybe some slight appearance changes to Kratos showing some Nordic traits. The "RAGE" is once again ignited and fuelled.

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Prubar2438d ago

I say make a new bad ass Viking warrior and make Kratos the enemy.

ruefrak2438d ago

What about Kratos passes the Blades of Chaos off to a Viking warrior?

ruefrak2438d ago

I think Ascension got bad reviews because it was a prequel, which are inherently less interesting. There's no drama since you already know the outcome of the story, and the God of War games have thrived on their stories. GOW 1 was amazing in which it revealed little by little the backstory of Kratos. GOW 2 continued that great story with how the gods of Olympus feared Kratos and betrayed him. GOW 3 was really more like GOW 2.5 as it was just a continuation of the previous story. Then Ascension comes along and brings us back to the beginning. But from a story standpoint, we don't care about the beginning. We want to know what's next! So one of the things that made these game special was suddenly lost.

NukaCola2438d ago

Ascension and Gears Judgment got beat up for being prequels.

AizenSosuke2438d ago

Nice Nordic mythos sounds cool!

Majister-Ludi2438d ago

I'm all set with kratos. Mr i have a tiny peen so I have to constantly scream. How about a character with some actually depth this time same gameplay but someone who I can actually root for.

Dyldog692438d ago

True dat Kraydog was kray kray way too much of a A-Hole

Chexs19902438d ago

It sounds awesome, but if it's true, it will probably take place in asgard where the norse gods live :)
Besides, Kratos pretty much f***ed up the Earth when he killed the gods :P
The northern gods would make for some brutal Boss fights though.

DevilOgreFish2438d ago

"will take place in Nordic mythology."

HellBlade i think has this covered.

jmac532438d ago

I thought Hellblade was Celtic.

Ricksta_132438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

How could Kratos lift Thor's Hammer if he takes it from Thor?

CorndogBurglar2437d ago

I would rather say goodbye to Kratos and play as some hardcore Viking-like character with big horns on his helmet and big furry viking boots and clothes.

Rather than the chain swords give him a giant axe or sword and shield combo.

There is so much potential here to start something new. Maybe involve Kratos in some form to show that they are in the same world, but a new playable character would be great.

Maybe have the new viking character team up with Kratos and let you choose who to play as?

I don't know. Just a thought.

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DopeTech2438d ago

WOW! I wonder how the graphics will look like. PS4.5 version will look OUT OF THIS WORLD!

DigitalRaptor2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

Yes indeed. Get rid of Kratos and bring in some new blood.

E3 is going to be so much fun this year!

AnotherProGamer2438d ago

Kratos is the face of GoW, thats like saying don't have Link in a Zelda game or Samus in a Metroid game

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