Nioh Launching 2016 on PS4, Demo Out This Month

Posted by Peter Garza on Apr 04, 2016 //

Anticipation and excitement… this is what we felt after our announcement of Nioh at PlayStation Experience. Now, we’re back with even more exciting news — an Alpha Demo arriving this month! This is your chance to experience first-hand the deep and authentic samurai combat that’s coming exclusively to PS4.

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Dario_DC1048d ago

This month just keeps getting better! Darksouls 3, Ratchet&Clank and this will keep me really busy. 2016 is looking really great so far.

rocketscience0071048d ago

Yep, what a month for ps4 gamers.

bouzebbal1048d ago

OMG this game...
Onimusha had a baby with Ninja Gaiden.

Bansai1048d ago

The vid is private, Sony reuploaded it for some reason, here's the link:

Dir_en_grey1048d ago

Samurai Souls, count me in.

DarXyde1048d ago


More like Onimusha had a baby with Ninja Gaiden, but that child was given up at birth and adopted by From Software.

Eonjay1048d ago

They got games coming from all sides.

bouzebbal1048d ago


it's Team Ninja not From Soft. but yeah i gotcha

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KwietStorm1048d ago

Japanese Geralt is a go.

Chris0921048d ago

Im really looking forward to NiOh! :D

DarXyde1048d ago

Don't you dare stop time, mister. Having to wait 9 more second would be unbearable.

...I get the feeling this going to be lost on a few people.

rocketscience0071048d ago

Demo? Wooooow!

Oh man, what a time to be a ps4 gamer, R&C, uc4, horizon, TLG, nioh all coming this year.

Chaos_Order1048d ago

Don't forget Persona 5, Star Ocean 5, Dreams, Gravity Rush 2...

This is sure to be one of the best years in gaming history.

travestyj1048d ago

And don't forget Nier Automata and GT: Sport!

DigitalRaptor1048d ago (Edited 1048d ago )

Yep can they keep this lineup going all year?

Jan: The Witness
Feb: Firewatch, SFV, Gravity Rush Remastered
March: MLB 16, Paragon, Heavy Rain + Beyond Collection, Salt and Sanctuary
April: Ratchet & Clank, Alienation
May: Uncharted 4, Shadow of the Beast, Valkyria Chronicles Remastered
June: No Man's Sky, Star Ocean 5

uth111048d ago

Awesome! I thought this was a game we wouldn't see for a while.