GamingIndians Previews WipEout HD, "Worth risking an epileptic attack"

Ever since the hilarious rumour that WipEout HD was delayed for health reasons, people who didn't previously care about the game, suddenly started taking an interest in it. With this PR nightmare on their hands, you would think that Sony would do everything in its power to securely lock away any existing playable code of the game and keep it away from the media. But that seems farthest from the truth..

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slave2Dcontroller3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

a loooooooooooong time to get my hands on this. The only bad thing about WipeOut is that too many people sleep on it. Its an awsome IP that should get more attention than it tends to garner.

You'd be a fool to have a PS3 and not buy this game, Slick GFX, 60FPS, 1080p and king of the futuristic racers. PS3 OWNERS, DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS ONE! Trust Me.

Hagaf223760d ago

so was the seizure thing a stunt to get the masses more excited? i doubt it, those who have followed wipeout know the game needs nothing to hype it up more, although 60 fps at 1080p is a huge hype for me, cant wait.

rushbd3760d ago

But in Bangladesh international credit cards cant be used :(

Only way of getting it is if someone shares it with me :(

will any one share ? :(

slave2Dcontroller3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

its not even out yet bro. Besides, when it does come out all you have to do is create a US PSN account using any US address(google one) and BANG! ladesh, your all set. XD

SmokingMonkey3760d ago

what do you call the moisture on your hin?

hin dew

LOL saw Homer say it on the Simpsons

mfwahwah3760d ago

The delay has nothing to do with epilepsy, they're just giving us more stuff.

"The reason for the delay of WipEout HD on PS3 has been due to the many improvements we have been making and the numerous features we've added to the game. These include: 8 reverse tracks, 4 extra ships, 2 alternative HUDS, 2 Player offline split screen and XMB Trophy support. We look forward to sharing WipEout HD with you very soon.

Regarding the speculation about health issues, we can assure you that we take consumer safety very seriously and monitor it very carefully."