New PS3 Cell Processor

New Cell processor previewed at chip show - runs twice as fast.

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TheMART5245d ago

Nice anyone buying a PS3 up to that time will get the retarded version then...

Now even more ppl will wait before they buy. Nice move Sony!

Marty83705245d ago

The Cell has more uses than just PS3.But this is great news as the PS3's Cell will get a die shrink to 65nm.

Ugly American5245d ago

Mart is right on. Now my two $600 PS3's are subpar? That is crap. Talk about screwing over your customers.

Raist5245d ago (Edited 5245d ago )

They'll just put a 3.2GHz cell with this 65nm die fabrication on future PS3's, that's all.
Just like they do with the 360's Xenon, btw :) So are you disappointed to have a retarded 360 then ?

TheMART5245d ago

Small difference Raist

They say the new Cell will be 'twice as fast' (if that's true, because I've heard more about the cell that isn't like that in reality), I haven't read that about the 65 nm 360 CPU that would be used in the future

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The story is too old to be commented.