Baldur’s Gate: Siege of Dragonspear Launches with Controversy

Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear was recently released, but some of the contents in it have caused an internet uproar.

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Hoffmann1048d ago (Edited 1048d ago )

This is some really weird stuff. Do we really need to have transgender characters in video games now because gender discussions as well as a lot of questionable trends in the Pron-industry are popular now?

Saelyn1047d ago

Honestly we've had some in games before like in Nier

MWH1047d ago

I love Nier but I didn't like that part of the story, i felt it was forced, they could've come with a different idea that appeal to everyone.

and remember *spoiler* she was born that way.

Forum_Pirate1047d ago


We need to have transgender characters in video games for the same reason we need to have every other type of character in video games. Funny enough, some people like to be able to relate to characters with similar struggles. Who'd have ****ing thought.

Maybe it isn't about you, maybe it isn't about gender politics, maybe it's just about providing a character that a minority can relate to on an issue most can't or showing people who don't have to deal with it just a little bit of what it's like.

Should it be in every game? No, that would be stupid. Nothing should be in every game. That's not what is usally being argued for though, and not what the devs are arguing for either.

PureSophistry1048d ago

Why do people hate others just so damn much?

Hoffmann1048d ago

I would prefer it if hetero/ homo and transgender characters or sexuality stuff in general could be left out of video games.

There should be no realistic video game characters anymore instead. Except they should be single pixels like back in Pong. The world would be alright again.

PureSophistry1048d ago

I assumed you were being hilariously ironic...Uh oh! You're not!?!? You truly believe we shouldn't have diverse characters?

nix1047d ago

The "single pixels" was the biggest hint.

Hoffmann1048d ago

Sometimes it is just better to not mention if something was meant seriously or not, so its up to the reader how to take such a comment ;)

MWH1047d ago (Edited 1047d ago )

smart move, Tuesday boy.

ThunderPulse1047d ago

Why must SJW trash stir up BS like this every day? SJW's need to get off the internet and eat pavement.

Cy1047d ago

Adding in a gay romance or two was perfectly fine but this is just disgusting. It's not even subtle, it's just blatant "I'm promoting an agenda and there's nothing you can do to stop me you stupid, ignorant gamer". This kind of shit *never* works in games, and any kind of good will they might have had from the Enhanced Editions is completely washed away now. Good job, Beamdog, I'll never buy another game from you ever again. And I'm definitely not alone in this.

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