HDTV price drops coming prior to Black Friday?

Darren Murph writes:

"Earlier this month, we found that North American TV shipments were up a whopping 28% year-over-year, yet some analysts are strongly suggesting that across-the-board price drops are near. Granted, one research institute already predicted that flat-panel prices would decline substantially in 2008, so it's not like this assumption is brand new or anything."

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FantasyStar3797d ago

I have my HDTV already but good news for others wanting to enjoy HD-Fidelity and duck out on a digital converter box at the same time.

lento3797d ago

heres hoping the prices drop.. wanting to get a new sony lcd 1080p with 120htz... these sets are still pretty high but by the end of the year when i'm ready to pick one up it would be nice if they dropped.. more money left over for games!

cahill3796d ago

since OLED is supposed to be launched by the end of this year