What are the Best Features of a Free-to-Play MMO?

There was once a time where a player had to fork over around fifty bucks to be able to even try an online game (purchasing an mmo came with a month's worth of playing time), and then players hand to hand over a monthly subscription fee that usually ran around fifteen dollars to continue playing. Then Dungeons and Dragons Online ushered in the era of the AAA free-to-play mmo when they changed their revenue model from subscription to f2p. This created an era where practically every online game chose to follow the f2p path to varying degrees of success. Yet not all f2p mmo games are equal due to how they implement the revenue model.

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shoxicwaste1048d ago

It's the opposite reaction of annoying titles from the same old greedy companys. EA's Battlefront; Pay top dollar for a AAA game which completely lacks in content, missing fundamental in-game mechanics, an objective team-based strategy FPS (with no way to communicate with team). Don't worry we will bring out everything that should of been in the initial launch, over the course of 1 year in 4 separate DLCs, this is a rip off. Because of this EA gets less money from me. BUT on the otherhand f2p Smite MOBA gets my money with out even ripping me off, I genuinely want them to have my money, for making such a great game. They give me a taste for free, and guess what. It tastes great.

Hitoemi1048d ago

The only thing good about free to play is usually they are free, there are no other good features, they usually lack content, are a grindfest and lastly they have infected AAA titles with there BS models design to milk money from you.