It’s Disappointing To See Criticism For Quantum Break When Many Haven’t Even Played It Yet.

ThisGenGaming says "The reviews are finally in and it seems Quantum Break has made a big splash. In terms of metacritic, we’ve seen scores range from a full 10/10 to more meagre 4/10s. While an easy explanation as to why this is the case would be to put it down to the general statement that perhaps the game just wasn’t as good as it was hyped up to be but for me that would be over-simplifying things. You see, for me, Quantum Break’s polarizing review scores merely reflect Remedy’s position in the gaming industry as a studio that’s not afraid to take risks and push the boundaries of what we come to expect from traditional video games."

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Hoffmann1050d ago

The gameplay in Quantum Break is not very deep or?

joab7771050d ago

It doesn't matter really. It will sell well b/c it's the big new thing on xbone, and there's nothing really competing with it.

Many people love pretty things. Ie. 1886.

Rimeskeem1050d ago

1886 had a good story as well. It just need more replayability and be longer and that game would have been a huge success.

Eonjay1050d ago

Wait a second now. Isn't the only real criticism coming from reviews themselves? And aren't those complaints valid?

Razputin1050d ago

My lord this site has gone to shit. The hypocrisy in this site is just ridiculous already.

I loved The Order 1886, but so many people bashed it and bad mouthed it, not since its compared to an Xbox One game it was actually good.

This is ridiculous, the level of band wagon richard suckers is crazy already.

I got my copy pre-ordered and will wait for the PC version to play it. 2 For 1 deal, can't go wrong with that.

Lets see how many disagrees and hate comments I get.

miyamoto1050d ago

No clicks given, for that gaming website.

mark_parch1050d ago

serious question. I have noticed at leasts 15 high review scores on n4g over the last few days but none of those review scores are on metacritic. why is this?

dirkdady1050d ago (Edited 1050d ago )

Cuz they are nonreputable sites.

Metacritic had criteria on this - proven track record of consistently posting reviews, duration, established proven proccess, well written, legit, etc

Proponent of the game probably scouring the net to find even a glimmer of possitive nugget and posting it on n4g

nX1050d ago

Guys it's '', the arguably worst website ever approved on N4G. 95% of their articles are hyprocritical clickbait bullshit without any journalistic value, it's time to ban them once and for all.

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butchertroll1050d ago

Let's change the headline for a bit :

It’s Disappointing To See Criticism For The Order 1886 When Many Haven’t Even Played It Yet.

Oh wait.. .

3-4-51050d ago

* I hope this game does well, but as an XB1 owner....there just aren't that many games that appeal to me for 2016 on my XB1.

Kind of disappointed so far.

I'm hoping we get some good info/news at E3.

glassgannon9091050d ago (Edited 1050d ago )

what about this?

gaming journalism is such a bag of shit these days that i honestly didn't believe for a second a website was trying to do the right thing and be less sensational about something. therefore i googled you website's name with a similar game that faced similar scrutiny , and surely enough i had the results i expected.
hypocrisy , just one of the types of turds in that bag.

so everything is normal.

ShadowKnight1050d ago (Edited 1050d ago )

Actually after reading the article you're right lol. BTW Quantum Break is a good game. I just wanted the game to be better than Alan Wake which is still my favorite Remedy game.

glassgannon9091050d ago

this website , if youve read the article, did the same exact thing that its pretending to stand against right now.
"It’s Disappointing To See Criticism For Quantum Break(the order 1886) When Many( Haven’t(hadn't) Played Or Have No Intention Of Playing It

Thisgengaming1050d ago


We've been playing it for the last 3 weeks.

glassgannon9091050d ago (Edited 1050d ago )


irrelevant . im not questioning whether youve played it or not or your opinion on the game. im saying you did the exact same thing youre so offended by, for the order 1886 when you admitted to not playing that at the time of writing that article.
i'm simply pointing out the website's hypocrisy, and then questioning its reliability

Alan wake is easily one the best games i played last gen , wish we got a sequel.infact i wish we got a hybrid lovechild of deadly premonition and alan wake.

jb2271050d ago (Edited 1050d ago )


Absolutely classic. Seems like it's alright for ThisGen to criticize something they haven't played, but they don't like it when others do that.

Here's another good bit from the only recent Sony oriented article by the writer amidst the heaping MS praise & defense articles, regarding speculation about a PS4K that no one has played & hasn't been officially announced in any capacity:

"Overall, it seems that the uncertainty as to exactly what improvements a PS4K will bring is definitely worth the controversy it is getting at the moment."

So controversy over QB is unwarranted because people haven't played it yet & have only seen around half the game online & in streams along w/ dozens of reviews available from those who have, but controversy over the PS4K is somehow worthy even though it doesn't formally exist yet & no one truly knows anything about it.

Lot of double standards in place for ThisGen, that much is readily apparent. Take a stroll through the writer's articles & it's all MS praise & Sony concern trolling...funny that he's chalking QB criticism up to fanboy stuff...pot kettle black.

starchild1050d ago

So you guys think you uncovered some huge bias and hypocrisy in this site...ok, that's great. But assuming you're right about them, what does this show about reviews in general?

Clearly if there can be bias in one direction there can be bias in the other direction as well. How many of the Quantum Break scores were affected by the massive anti-Xbox sentiment we see from a significant segment of the gaming community every day? Do you naively think that's somehow not going to affect the scores?

It's a big mess. Fanaticism and brand loyalty is infesting our industry to a degree I've never seen in any other field or area I'm interested in. It's just a shame.

Reviews are ultimately subjective and that alone is enough to mean we shouldn't take them at face vale or accept them as facts, but the overwhelming levels of fanboy fanaticism in gaming make game reviews particularly unreliable.

Have you guys seen the ridiculous user reviews for games on metacritic? It's a cesspool of fanboyism. Now, some might want to imagine that the critic reviews are free from that kind of bias, but unfortunately that's not the case. There are some good reviewers for sure, who genuinely try to be fair and impartial, but, in general, bias has not magically been banished from games journalism. Some may be largely free of it, others may hide their bias well or, at the least, be forced to dial back the extremism of its expression, but it's there.

Adding half a point or a point to scores for games on your favorite platform or taking away the same from scores on the rival platform is easy to do and isn't likely to draw attention. Especially if you throw in a few low scores here and there for games on your favorite platform which act as sacrificial lambs.

OB1Biker1050d ago (Edited 1050d ago )

' the massive anti-Xbox sentiment we see from a significant segment of the gaming community every day'
Im tired of the supposed 'victimizing' from some people here.
A lot of sites are actually very favorable to xbox
I came in this article precisely because it reminds me of all the criticism or rather tbh the Hate so many sites posted about the Order 1886 and that was way way worse

The one thing I agree with you is reviews are unreliable and especially 'scores' are meaningless.

rainslacker1050d ago


While I agree somewhat with your sentiment, glassgann showed a clear example of hypocrisy, and directed it at the offender of that hypocrisy.

It's a pain to have to deal with the vague accusations of hypocrisy that exist on this site on a daily basis, but when a clear example of it is shown, then at least it shouldn't be dismissed, or turned into a way to try and show hypocrisy in general elsewhere.

You're comment should really be flagged as "not a reply", and based on your comment it would seem that hypocrisy is OK either because it exists everywhere, or because it happens to support an agenda which you wish to promote.

That being said, no one really pays attention to the user reviews on Metacritic. If they did, then they wouldn't play any games.

What we have here in this article, and what glass is referring to isn't even about review scores, and if they are fair or not.

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UnwanteDreamz1050d ago (Edited 1050d ago )


I see your point.


You missed the point. This site clearly didn't play The Order before listing criticism that game was receiving. The author even gives opinions based on other opinions and not first hand knowledge.

LP-Eleven1050d ago (Edited 1050d ago )

You, sir, have just killed any reason for this topic to exist! Well done and I'm SO GLAD there are people willing to point out the extreme hypocrisy in today's journalism!

Free_Fro1050d ago (Edited 1050d ago )

Ha.. I wouldn't take the toxic minority seriously enough to write an article.

That said, the game will speak for itself.

Once it's in the wild.

Although the reviews where polarizing. It still fell on the positive side of the spectrum as positives outweighed the negatives.

Another quality title in the XO Library


SpaceRanger1050d ago

The reviews are hardly polarizing. As an example, there's two outliers on both ends of the spectrum for metacritic. While the majority fall between roughly between 75-86. Not bad scores at all mind you, just average.

And the game has been out "in the wild" for a long while already. Even this site just stated that they've been playing it for a while (read their comment above in this comment section). It's spoken for itself and they've stated that it's average at best.

Septic1050d ago

Out in the wild? The game hasnt even been released yet lmfao.

SpaceRanger1050d ago


They've been out in the wild for reviewers and others already -_- the ending is already up just about everywhere you can find a 5hr walk through.

No need to get defensive by making it seem like I don't know what I'm talking about. I'm not surprised though honestly lol

neoandrew1050d ago

"roughly between 75-86. Not bad scores at all mind you, just average. "


50 is average, 75-86 is good - very good.

SpaceRanger1050d ago


How is 50 or 5/10 average?? 50 or 5/10 is definitely below average.

neoandrew1050d ago

Average of what, good ratings?

No, you clearly didn't have math or paying much attention to it.

But ok, average should be 6/10, 5/10 is below average, but 7/8 is good.

pinkcrocodile751050d ago (Edited 1050d ago )


Your maths skills need somework.

Half or 50% of the whole is indeed average.

Unless you are putting a group of common games together, adding their scores and dividing by the number of games that you're comparing is also average.

However here we are talking about a single game and 50% is smack in the middle and therefore average.

I hope to christ you're not an engineer!

As for the game. I don't care what chubby little creatures think about a game.

I look at the game play and decide if I want to play it. Those chubby little creatures in game journalism could all expire after a spate of horrific home invasions and to be honest 1.) I would sleep like a baby and 2.) The world would be a happier place.

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IRetrouk1050d ago

been gaming over 20 years now, when has 5 ever been considered below average?, 5 is average, always has been, always will be.

nowitzki20041050d ago

It doesnt matter how long you have been gaming, 5 is not average. Most games do not get 5's. I could sit and play an average game, but games that I would give a 5 to are not average lol.

Not saying anything about QB because I have not played it yet. But the people attacking the lower scores are funny because how many have actually played the game? To me it seems like some people have made their mind up that this game will not get below a 9 no matter what and that is way too funny.

Can we at least play the damn game first before we give our opinions on these reviews? Not every review is wrong.

IRetrouk1050d ago

5 has been known as an average game for as long as the scoring system was in use, anything below is bad, anything above is good, thats the way its been for decades. as for the game itself, im looking forward to playing it, i liked alan wake and also max payne before it.

Free_Fro1050d ago

@Septic, neo and retro

Can't you guys see what's he's doing?
Just ignore him ^_^


IRetrouk1050d ago

yeah but its popped up b4, not that a score matters that much though, way to many other ways to get your own opinion of a game now, although i have a good chance of liking this at least as i loved alan wake.

Chivas111050d ago

The same thing can be said about the people defending it when they haven't even play it

freshslicepizza1050d ago

you have essentially three groups that are not very trustworthy. those who bash it without playing it, those who praise it without playing it and those who never had any intention of playing it and just wanted to see it suffer all likely due to their history of the console wars. probably resentment that dates back to all the bashing games like the order got.

Why o why1050d ago

Lol 100. . . Same vicious circle back and forth

rainslacker1050d ago

I'm sure next month UC4 will have it's time in the spotlight for the haters to enjoy a good romp with the rogue low score that crop up.

No need to worry.:)

Seriously though, both the defense and hate for this game based on the review scores is really gotten ridiculous in just a few days. I mean, the console war hate/praise is one thing we've all gotten used to, but this is now beyond stupid.

It's almost making me wish they had the embargo until Tuesday, so people could actually play the game before making their judgement. now it's not about defending the game, it's about defending the review scores.

freshslicepizza1050d ago


one thing that i respect though is the lack of spoilers around here for the most part. uncharted 4 for example will be awesome but i rarely ever read about how a character might die or even this game quantum break and spoilers.

i just need to learn to sit back because all the hate is just noise for attention.

rainslacker1049d ago

That's really something the media outlets don't do very often. Usually those kinds of things are from user blogs which decide to review it on their own after the game releases.

Otherwise, I really don't see a lot of spoilers around here anyways, except sometimes nestled within an article. I'm not sure what N4G's policies are about putting spoilers in the title or description, because I can't recall ever seeing it done, so maybe they just don't get approved.

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Playable_Gamez1050d ago

To be fair,people don't want to go into a game believing it's going to be bad. Especially if you paid $60 for it. Negative reviews can hurt peoples experience. I rather go into a game hype and turn out disappointed rather than go into a game disappointed and come out disappointed.

freshslicepizza1050d ago

lucky for you this game also received good to excellent reviews. so now it's up to you to either trust the average reviews, or the poor reviews or the good reviews.

starchild1050d ago (Edited 1050d ago )


Not really. Most people aren't saying "the game is incredible and you must all love it". That's what people like you are trying to paint it as, but there's actually very little of that.

What's happening (and we see several examples of it in this comment section) is that some are desperately latching on to the negative scores/reviews and parroting those opinions as if they were facts. 'Quantum Break is mediocre'...'the gameplay is boring'...'the narrative sucks'...'the intertwining tv series was a terrible idea'...and on and on.

These people completely ignore the positive reviews (which many of us rightly point out are the greater majority). And those reviews express opinions that are polar opposite of those negative opinions they desperately hold onto.

So, correcting distortions and mistatements coming from those who are only trying to tear the game down is not the same as hyping up the game and claiming it's going to be amazing.

You act like the trolls and the defenders are doing the same thing only in opposite directions. This isn't true.

Those attacking the game are regurgitating the opinions of the minority of reviewers who were negative about the game. What's worse is that they are acting like such opinions are facts and trying to shove them down everyone's throat. Again, statements like 'face it, this game isn't that good' or 'the gunplay is mediocre at best'.

If the "defenders" were truly doing the same they would be saying things like 'face it, this game is amazing'...'the gameplay is outstanding'...'this game is clearly one of the defining games of the generation'. And they'd be doing nothing more than repeating opinions found in the positive reviews.

But the majority of "defenders" are not saying those things. And they aren't trying to force everyone to accept those opinions as facts either.

If you can't see the difference, you are probably part of the problem.

TheColbertinator1050d ago (Edited 1050d ago )

Every hyped game ends up in this situation:

The Division
Street Fighter V
Far Cry Primal
Halo 5
Batman Arkham Knight

Some are let down,others are pleased with what they got,others are surprised and many never even played these games yet bash or defend it because of the "reviews".

Quantum Break is simply this month's punching bag or Game of the Month to anyone.