Silent Hill 2 movie confirmed

Cristophe Gans has told French Magazine DVDrama that work on a second Silent Hill film is well under way, and he promises that it will remedy all of the problems of the first picture.

That said, while he's keen to revisit his role as director of the film, alongside writer Roger Avary, he can't make any promises due to his current involvement in another big-screen videogame adaptation - Onimusha.

"There will indeed be a Silent Hill 2 and it is officially ordered and is already well under way. Once he has finished his adaptation of Driver, Roger Avary will be [working on the script], helped by his friend Neil Gaiman."

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Grown Folks Talk5240d ago

give me a new silent hill game for the 360.

PS360PCROCKS5239d ago

eww the first movie was boring, weird and made no frickin sense

Mikey_Gee5239d ago

Will it suck as much as the first one.

I am still trying to get that wasted time of my life spent watching that crap back.

Raz3r15239d ago

the first movie was great