Mass Effect Andromeda To Be A Spiritual Successor To Mass Effect 1, Leaked Video Was From 2014 Build

For the fourth Mass Effect game (and the first one in five years, ever since Mass Effect 3 capped off the original trilogy), Bioware are looking back to the original title that set off the series.

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Paytaa1048d ago

If it's truly the successor to ME1 then take my money. Still my favorite in the series.

gameseveryday1048d ago

I still think that Mass Effect 2 was the best game in the series.

Paytaa1048d ago

I think Mass Effect 2 was the best in-terms of character development by far with the loyalty missions and preparing for the Suicide Mission.

I just think ME1 was the best for me because I was immediately engrossed in the universe and the threat and mysteriousness of the Reapers was chilling and awesome. Plus Saren is one of my favorite antagonists in any video game. If you have high enough Paragon points by the end, his death almost makes you feel bad for him being indoctrinated.

Mikefizzled1048d ago

ME2 got the balance of story and gameplay. ME1 is just a bad third person shooter.

TheCommentator1048d ago

ME 1 had more loot and better equipment options, while ME2 had better gameplay. If they could keep the pacing of the combat from ME2, while adding more loot at the shops (and from side quests, boss drops, secrets, etc.) and the ability for anyone to equip anything again, I think it would be perfect.

TBH, it did get kind of annoying in ME1 that practically every enemy dropped stuff that you needed to stop and compare to your current gear, but ME2 oversimplified the loot system too much IMO.

SolidGear31047d ago

All 3 are my favorite in the series and I want a trilogy with all DLC for current gen!

Vhampir1047d ago

Mass Effect 1 was an RPG, with a universe to explore. Mess Effect 2 & 3 were action games, with dumbed down abilities and threw away the exploration for probing Uranus.

Also, never forgot what EA did:

InTheLab1047d ago

Pointless cooldowns, a neutered skill tree, thermal clips, mineral scanning....

The story and characters are what save me2 from being a generic shooter in my opinion.

ME1 had the cool customized weapons with their own stats and mods, as well as armors.

So much was stripped from the franchise in ME2. I felt it was too dumbed down to be the best...

showtimefolks1047d ago


there is no wrong answer i think. Mass effect 1 was more of a pure RPG and mass effect 2 was more of an 3rd person action game with RPG elements

gillri1047d ago (Edited 1047d ago )

I am a huge fan of both ME1 and ME2, in many ways I prefer ME1 especially the 70's retro feel to the universe and the more linear, captivating story. Even though it was poorly done there was something amazing about roaming on an alien planet and seeing a moon and 2 suns just above your head

However I had to choose I would say ME2 was the better game, it was like the dirty dozen in space and my favourite game of the last generation.

Pongwater1047d ago

ME1 was the only game of the trilogy I finished. ME2 lost my interest quickly so I never made it to ME3 at all. If the new game is more like ME1 than the others, I'll probably check it out.

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zackdollars1048d ago

As a true RPG, ME1 was the best. I loved all games equally, though. (I also love ME3 multi-player. I still play it now.)

_-EDMIX-_1048d ago

I agree with you and Rashid.

Mass effect 1's concept was easily better then Mass Effect 2 or 3, but Mass Effect 2 easily had the better execution.

But if you gave me a billion dollars......I would seek to just do Mass Effect 1 over again lol.

I love it being more open, having planets to explore etc, they just tried so much with so little disk space, you can't really fault them for how it ended up, it was being made before the final specs of 360 even released.

I'm very, very excited to hear the new game rumored to have planets that can be entered in REAL TIME!

Mass Effect 2 was good ,I don't disagree, but it was good for what they had, give them the extra disk space and I want to see what they could have done with Mass Effect 1.

This is amazing to hear them taking this leap! I never liked Mass Effect as a linear game, its not bad for what it is, but I always felt it could be way, way, WAY GRAND OPEN WORLD, full control, real time planet exploration! etc. You can still have quest that lead you to planet to planet in some order.

3-4-51048d ago

* Yea ME1 is my favorite by far. It has a certain special feeling about it when playing it. It felt more immersive and like it's own thing and ME2 felt like it was copying some other ideas and didn't expand enough as well as ME3.

All good games but ME 1.....something about it, it's hard to explain really...just a feeling I got while playing it.

1047d ago
joab7771048d ago

Yep. I love me some real rpg. Thats what attracted me to the series...a space opera rpg.

ITPython1048d ago (Edited 1048d ago )

I didn't get much time in ME1, don't think I ever finished it as I got side-tracked by another game and never went back to it. I vaguely remember exploring planets that were pretty much all the same and mostly barren/empty with the land-rover thing.

However I played the hell out of ME2 on my PS3. By far one of my most memorable and favorite games of all time (right up there with Goldeneye 007/Perfect Dark). I replayed the game so many times I have lost track (I replay it about once every year), and pretty sure I Platinumed it. Every setup, every relationship, every possible way to play the game, I'm pretty sure I have done it. So much fun!

I sure hope Andromeda can bring back some, or all, of what made ME2 so good, and avoid pretty much everything they did in ME3.

babadivad1047d ago

The Commander said it best. Loot system and options from ME1 and the combat pacing from ME2. You could make a completely unkillable soldier in ME1 though.

kraenk121047d ago

Wasn't DAI supposed to be the real successor to DAO as well?! Bioware of today simply isn't Bioware of the past anymore.

nowitzki20041047d ago

Yeah I agree. I loved the gameplay more in 2 and 3. But Neither of them ever beat the feel I had for 1. Maybe just because of how fresh Mass Effect was for the game industry?

maxleresistant1047d ago

ME2 and 3 had a lot of great action, better graphics and more solid performances.

But ME1 had more RPG elements and real exploration, that's what make it the best.

CorndogBurglar1047d ago

I would punch babies for a ME Trilogy Remaster on PS4.

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-Foxtrot1048d ago (Edited 1048d ago )

If it is then I'm expecting COOL DOWN WEAPONS...not generic ammo based weapons which totally wasn't needed in ME2.

ZaWarudo1048d ago

As much as i love ME1 over ME2 and 3, i don't want to see cooldown weapons unless they're energy based.

Agent_00_Revan1048d ago

I loved the cool down mechanic. I hope it comes back.

ZaWarudo1048d ago

Oh god please. Mass Effect 1 is still the best! the biotic powers, light, mediem, heavy armor types, different ammo types. Oh god i want all that back!

Paytaa1048d ago

Don't forget the innovative elevators...

gameseveryday1048d ago

Sorry, I don't recall. What about the elevators?

Mikefizzled1048d ago

The infamously long elevators scenes which had some really dry banter between the squad and served as a really long loading screen.

KiwiViper851048d ago

They were great because you could get up, go for a piss, come back and your still in the elevator.

Paytaa1048d ago

I think Fallout 4 took some influence from it lol

NarooN1048d ago

Legend has it that some players are still in elevators to this day.

Summons751048d ago

I'd much rather have elevators where the characters talk to each other or you hear the publics view on events you have done than stare at a loading screen.

Also scrap the annoying post mission debriefs, that was the most unimmersive sh** they could have ever done. ME2 may have fixed gameplay but ME1 did everything else better.

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tanukisuit1047d ago

I really hope Companions can change armor, too... not just in-game but during cutscenes, too.

skydragoonityx1048d ago

Since the nintendo nx controller fiasco I'm not going to believe anything if its not official

beerzombie1048d ago (Edited 1048d ago )

I don't care about looks or resolution. I just want long story driven, galaxy traveling rpg.

Hitoemi1047d ago

So you dont mind defender from atari 2600? It took like 8hrs to flip that game.

tanukisuit1047d ago

I really hope there isn't Planet scanning - sooooo tedious! And yes, bring back Planet/Galaxy traversing.

nowitzki20041047d ago

And then when the graphics are not great everyone all the sudden will really care.

beerzombie1046d ago

Graphics are nobody wants a ugly game but game play and a large galaxy to explore is more important to me.

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