PS4.5 would be unfair on PS4 gamers

IM PLAYIN discuss the potential PS4.5.

"Rumours have been circulating about a potential new PS4. If you’ve not seen them, this rumoured console would basically be a revamped version of Sony’s current console. It’s been stated that it could be twice as powerful as the PS4, that it could support 4K gaming and that it would be more compatible with PlayStation VR. These are, as of yet, rumours. But it still doesn’t change the fact that an updated console would be pretty unfair on current PS4 gamers. Here’s my reasoning."

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yarbie10001050d ago

Samsung shouldn't release a Galaxy S8 cause it'll be unfair to those who bought a S7

Cindy-rella1050d ago

I dont understand why "gamers" would be against a more powerful ps4 if sony will still be supporting the older ps4 models. If some cant afford something then they may need to work harder to afford certain things or just do without. Some people are just too entitled in thinking that a company shouldnt advance their products just because they cant afford the new one or whatever.

yarbie10001050d ago

Insecure fanboys are afraid they're all of a sudden not gonna have the best console on the market

donthate1050d ago (Edited 1050d ago )

I couldn't agree more. What is wrong with a newer model. Almost all other products do this from smart phones, to tablets, to computers, your microwave to cars.

Your console will still perform the same, and the newer one should you choose to upgrade will in theory perform better. What is the big deal?

Why artificially hold back technology?

The only thing I would not want with this is where the upgrade is so incremental it is pointless i.e. not much is added then just keep it more or less as is.


Well when your primary consumer is a group of people that pixel counts something they can't see because it makes them feel better, then you know where I'm going with this.

1050d ago
Eonjay1050d ago (Edited 1050d ago )

"Well when your primary consumer is a group of people that pixel counts something they can't see because it makes them feel better, then you know where I'm going with this."

40 million pixel counters and counting lol. But seriously knowing that the Xbox is weaker isn't a selling point for Microsoft and PS4 owners don't have a clue what this thing even is yet.

And Sony could shut yhe rumors down but I think they just like being 'in the news' everyday.

Oh yeah and the 'upgrade' is pointless without a 4K TV apparently.

DonkeyWalrus1050d ago

I just wonder if these type of mid gen upgrades everyone's been talking about for PS and Xbox would lessen the impact of the actual next generation of consoles. Going forward are we just gonna get upgrades every 2-3 years? After how many upgrades do they become PS5 or XB2 or whatever? And if games are still gonna come out on the previous versions, will owners of the latest consoles complain about the lesser hardware holding back games development like they did at the beginning of this gen when games were releasing on old and new consoles?

I think these are important questions to think about before we can say whether this is a good or bad thing. For now I'll just stay neutral on this until we know more.

thorstein1050d ago

Bundle it with PSVR and it will be worth it.

martinnatalex1050d ago

I think alot of gamers are overreacting- The new console would likely just be higher resolution and framerates for VR. Why? For one, VR needs 90fps. For two, there are still lots of games not even hitting 1080p, Paragon, FFXV, Battlefront, Battlefield, etc. The new console will just ensure 1080p, more 60 fps games, or 90fps for VR, depending on how devs want to patch their games.

Will this turn into a trend? Likely not. Nex-gen, AMD said consoles will be 5x as powerful, meaning 4k is out of the question. Where does that leave you? Nex-gen will be 1080p60. 5x current-gen power is fine for 1080p60, meaning there will be no update nex-gen.

So I think an update is a good move. 1080p30/60/90 locked along with 4k video playback will be fine for an update, and then nex-gen will have all the power it needs from the get-go.

Now if they can just get some good trade-in deals, we'll be trading for and buying the updated consoles, and casuals will end up buying the old models from gamestop not even knowing the difference.

uth111050d ago

@donthate - Moore's Law is actually slowing down, meaning the pace of innovation in chips is slowing, so why artificially increase the frequency of console upgrades now?

AndreR1050d ago

The whole point of owning a console is that the developer can concentrate on develop games and optimise their games for that platform only. So the games will run the best they can on that console. And the gamers know when they buy a game for example ps4 that the games will run the best they can for there console they bought. If sony makes a ps4.5, then whats the point in owning a console? then its like owning a PC. cause on pc there is no rules how well games should run on your pc. or if they will even start on your pc. On a console, you KNOW that your game will run as perfect if possible can on your console. Imagine if there were difference SNES versions that could run different games well, and other better. It would be a disaster.

Vegamyster1050d ago

Ive seen plenty of comments from people on this site with tons of agrees saying they didn't want a PC because they didn't "want to upgrade every few years", so now why are people okay with this now?

Saigon1050d ago

I don't get it; why are people automatically assuming the PS4.5, if real, will eliminate the PS4 itself. Sony went this direction with this hardware (PS4 Architect) for a reason. There are reason to why the hardware design they are using is very beneficial to their future. Sony has said it before, this hardware format will be their future. How I took that is that any iteration of this hardware whether its the PS4.5 or PS5, consumers will benefit from here on out. Consumers will not have to worry about will their old games work on the new hardware or would new games work on the old hardware. Yes there are some of us that are worried to how it would work, but just like PCs there has to be a minimal output for these games and lets say the PS4 is the minimal output. There is nothing wrong with that. Yes it would be up to the devs to make the significant adjustments, but Sony would have to make the requirements for the Devs to follow, giving positive results for distinctive outputs.

_-EDMIX-_1050d ago

Agreed. If they are still supporting PS4 and PS4.5 is just getting better frames and those games still appear on PS4....I just don't care.

I might get one this fall.....I may not lolz. I won't change much for me as even games on PC that had greater....everything lolz, I don't actually seek to build to get that.

It would be nice, but I'm fine with my PS4, even knowing a fully build high end PC will make Witcher 3 look better, I'm fine with how it looks on PS4.

Having better elsewhere doesn't suddenly hurt me.

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Eonjay1050d ago


We don't even know what this is yet. Depending on what it actually is will determine the reactions.

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payikick1050d ago

Because real gamers would welcome improvement, the rest are just ignorant casuals.

Kingthrash3601050d ago

It's an upgraded Playstation 4 not a Playstation why are people acting like it's a new console with exclusive games?
What dev would cut off a 50 million large user base? I swear some of yall overreact without thinking. Why would Sony do that too? What will they gain?...nothing. if this rumor is confirmed I am certain that every game will be Playable on all versions of ps4....just like ps1,2,3. The people at Sony aren't dumb. If it had new games not playable on the ps4 then why not call it ps5?
Also why all this outrage over more power any way? If you don't want a stronger ps4k.5 then continue to play the very same games on ps4.

bmky1050d ago

Lol. If I work harder i will get paid more?

wheresmymonkey1049d ago

Because they wont support it. Not properly, it will technically run the new games, but i bet there will be performance issues all over the shop. So on ps4.5 you'll get a steady 30 frames on the original it'll always drop when things get hectic. They won't fix these issues either since they'll just say, you want better performance, get the newer device.

bouzebbal1049d ago

imagine with me for a second that PS4.5 can do the following:

Full PS3 backward compatibility
4K resolution
More processing power for VR

This is kind of a premium PS4, like the first PS3 were with card readers, 4 USB, PS2 backward compatible...

Pogmathoin1049d ago

Consoles have improved cosmetically, or done the same things more efficiently. It has never been specs improved to be more powerful than the PS4 you bought last week. 40 million have jumped on and made it a huge success story. Disagreeing with the herd is not trolling. Shame on the mod who tagged me as trolling. I think this sets a terrible precedence if Sony releases an even more powerful version of PS4. You are splitting up the base, and will eventually lead to many issues.

LordMaim1049d ago (Edited 1049d ago )

I don't understand why "gamers" are assuming the "Playstation 4.5" is actually real.

You know, there's a standard on this site that rumor posts are not allowed without a named source. All of these opinion pieces about the PS4.5 all go back to the same unsourced rumor that has even less evidence behind it than the Fake NX controller did, and yet that doesn't stop a bevy of these speculative editorials from flooding N4G.

Maybe wait to see if the thing is even real before setting the Internet on fire.

Unspoken1049d ago

Those who own a PS4 will have the unoptimized inferior product which is not going to get full developer support, missing features, more bugs, less content, less DLC, less exclusivity. Think of it as a game released for PS4 and PS3.

Which version do you think is going to get more time to tweak a lock FPS of games to be playable?

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I_am_Batman1050d ago

No one develops software for a specific Samsung Galaxy phone as a platform. The platform is Android or ios in the case of apple. The optimisation is a much more important factor on consoles than it is on phones. You can't directly compare the two.

I'm not saying it's a bad or a good thing. It'll probably have pros and cons. We don't have enough information to estimate how much of an impact a PS4.5 would have.

yarbie10001050d ago

Do you think a PC developer develops a new game for each setting? Ultra, High, Medium etc?

4.5 could be on High settings
PS4 on Medium.

It isn't that complicated I wouldn't think

uth111050d ago

@Yarbie - it's known that PS4 typically outperforms PCs of the same spec by 60% (according to Sony) because developers don't have to optimize for different specs, they can focus all their efforts onto one.

If they start fragmenting the hardware in the console market, that advantage will start to erode and everyone will be the worse off for it.

1050d ago
rainslacker1050d ago


That's because PC games are programmed to higher level API's which allow them to disregard the actual hardware. This is why consoles can do more with less, because the developers code to a much lower level.

If PC games were programmed in the same way as console, it would not only be impossible on the development side, it would mean that many classes of hardware would go without optimization.

The other alternative is to program to a higher level API on the consoles, which is not something which should be supported if one wants to get the most out of their hardware.

Since consoles use low level implementation, it means making separate builds for the different hardware versions, unless they use a higher level API, thus actually taking away potential power from the system to facilitate less efficient code.

The people that disagree, I challenge you to say why I'm wrong instead of just hitting the disagree button.

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jc121050d ago (Edited 1050d ago )

You said it Yarbie. People should just stop complaining, I mean honestly.

Why people would throw their hands up at Sony is beyond me. Sony is simply exploring the idea of giving consumers another option. What's wrong with that? No one said you have to make the upgrade to 4k gaming. It would be a premium item for God sakes. Just like the Samsung JS7000 is an entry level SUHD TV, the JS9500 is a more capable, premium offering in the same line...

Besides, it's likely all games coming out will be playable on both the PS4 and PS4K; the only major difference being resolution and FPS. Stop bashing companies for evolving and diversifying successful brands. I'd rather have more choice than less.

uth111050d ago

We bought our PS4s with the reasonable expectation that it would be good for 5-7 years before the next iteration and their would be a great stream of games and exclusives pushing that hardware until then.

We were told it would take 2-3 years for the exclusives to really start coming, and in the meantime have some remasters to tide you over.

So now that we are finally on the cusp of that, we are hearing they will ship an updated console, and the future games we've been waiting for will be enhanced for and run best on this new 4.5 console.

That is complete and utter bullshit. If Sony goes ahead with that plan, then sorry, I'm out! Ps4 will be my last Sony console. I will stick with PC. I have better things to do with my time and money than upgrade every device I own every 2-3 years.

jc121050d ago

At Uth: Forget PC gaming then - the whole point of PC gaming is for upgradeability and modification...

Utalkin2me1050d ago


So you own a 4khdtv? And upgrading every device? what does that even mean. But you will stick with PC? Even though you dont like upgrading....SMH

Deadpooled1050d ago

Uth11 you had a good argument about the expectation of why we all got ps4's for them to last a console generation and working on every game without requiring upgrades and fragmenting the userbase..... Then you mentioned the PC.

jc121050d ago

Not to mention the PS4K wouldn't be coming out anytime soon anyway...It would take Sony at least a couple years to draft plans for a 4K capable console. If there is going to be a PS4K, I imagine it wouldn't be available until 2018. At that point the PS4 would be 5 years old anyway, so why not an upgrade?

There's absolutely no way Sony will have a PS4K available before 2018...not for less than $499 bucks anyway.

Unspoken1049d ago

You guys don't understand why he would choose to deal with upgrading a PC over upgrading a PS4? lol

There is a reason why there are more PCs in the world than consoles.

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Utalkin2me1050d ago

Also, its unfair i bought my Tv, phone, tablet, microwave, washer & dryer, stereo system, and 6 months later they came out with ones with more features and was more powerful.

If you cant afford new tech you want. Instead of crying about it, then you should try to work harder to obtain what you want. Everybody thinks the world should be catered to them, and if it isn't then they think it is unfair.

uth111050d ago

Except there are no significant advances in microwave, washer,dryer, or stereo technology every 6 months. They are just new models that dont offer much the old ones didn't.

And food is always backwards compatible with your microwave etc. Doesn't need patches or updates or remastered food to make it work.

Apples to oranges comparison

Utalkin2me1050d ago


Your games wont be backwards compatible from PS4.5 to PS4? So you know this even if Sony haven't even made a official statement on PS4.5?

But better model microwaves cook food better then older models. Exact same theory in a different concept. But the thing is all people would be able to use any microwave made and get its full set of features.

Unlike the Majority of people wouldn't even be able to use a PS4.5, due to not having a 4kHDTV.

Antifan1050d ago

4k tvs are becoming cheaper. Cheapest one I've seen was $350, 40".

I_am_Batman1050d ago (Edited 1050d ago )

No you don't develop the entire game on low, medium or high settings but at some points you still have custom assets for each setting which means additional work. Granted most of the aspects of a game are scalable through the engine but that doesn't eliminate additional work completely.

When you set the settings on your PC version you never really get the most out of your hardware. All you do is switch preset settings and balance performance with quality. When the devs develop for consoles they don't need to work with presets which makes the optimisation more efficient.

uth111050d ago

Phones are different because many people have subsidized upgrades on their plan every two years. If people had to pay the $600-700 the phones cost in one lump, I guarantee people would be slower to upgrade

SpinalRemains1381050d ago

This is what everyone conveniently omits.

The mobile device analogy is an awful one.

iJihaD1050d ago (Edited 1050d ago )

It will only be unfair, if it will support an exclusive games which cannot be played -at all- on ps4.0. Otherwise, i don't see why?

You'll get the same as you have ever got, only a-visually-better version will be available for a premium price.

Heck, you might even get better games than before (only on lower graphics), just due to the fact that there's a good hardware console publishers are eager to support and make games on.

This is how the PC industry -to an extent- has been for years. Wanna that extra clarity? pay a little more to upgrade if it worth it.

uth111050d ago (Edited 1050d ago )

What if it runs like crap on the PS4?

Right now they have the incentive with exclusives to do what they need to to make it run well on PS4.

But when Sony wants to push PS4K, there will be an incentive to make it run better on PS4K and worse on PS4 to entice people to upgrade.

It's the same game played on phones and PC to push people to upgrade, why would it be any different on consoles?

Utalkin2me1050d ago

So know we are going by "What if's"....Jesus guy. They haven't even announced it yet.

FungLip1050d ago

Bloodborne already runs like crap with all the jaggies. I wish the new PS4 will run it better so I can play it without straining my eyes.

rainslacker1050d ago

Higher end PC hardware mostly goes to waste due to the inefficiency of the API's. That isn't something I want to see come to consoles.

The development of a PC game is different than the development of a console game, and I'd love it if one of these articles, or some of the people hoping this will come to light would educate themselves on it, and learn why the two platforms are different in terms of development.

I've said it many times before why they're different, but in this, but don't care to repeat it all because no one is going to really listen. but I challenge everyone to really go and learn the differences in implementation on the development level, and see why PC's can do what they do, and why it would be hard on a console. On top of that, I'd encourage everyone to go learn the difference between programming to an higher level API(PC), and programming to a low level API(console), which only shows why bringing the two different paradigms together in this way is actually going to give people less power for their money.

I encourage people to not take my word for it...and go research it for themselves. I know learning is hard, but I feel if everyone did this, the actual excitement for this idea would die pretty quick.

nitus101049d ago

The only changes I can see for the so called PS4.5 is a upgrade to the Bluray player so it can read three layer BluRays which are to be the now resent standard for 4k content.

Also it may be possible that the PS4.5 would have a 1080p up-scaler and smoother for display of games. However all PS4's can output 4k content such as files and images.

As for improved GPU - I very much doubt that since most PC's can't even support 4k games without a powerful and expensive graphics card.

The bottom line is that people are not going to notice much of a difference unless they have a 4k Monitor or TV. Even if you have a 4k display you can still display to it from a PS3, Ps4 or even an Xbox360 or XB1 and even a WiiU.

The only way to be 100% sure what the so called PS4.5 specs are really going to be is when Sony comes out with them.


Even if Sony has a magic wand and makes an affordable PS4.5 that is up there with powerful gamin rigs (yes that is sarcasm). If any developer is stupid enough to target the PS4.5 leaving the standard PS4 looking like crap they are effectively loosing out on 40 million sales.

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dreadz741050d ago (Edited 1050d ago )

What there is a S8 just got my S7 with Gear vr :D Honestly it does not effect current Ps4 owners they will still get the same games @ the capabilities of vanilla Ps4. The real problem is PS4 owners will not have bragging rights anymore as that would go to Ps4k owners and that is what pisses them off. I can see it now as the sony fanbase trolls the vanila owners lol. Don't want don't buy but for thoose that do have the money the option is great. Lets be honest both systems are under powered not able to deliver 1080p 60fps when PC been doing it for years. All Sony has to do is offer a good trade in program butt hurt solved :D
Ps4 and Xb1 are essentially mid grade Pc's so Dev just needs to code once and X86 will scale to console versions capbilites so this nonsense that Ps4 games will run like crap is BS. Pc does this same have R9 290 some have R9 270 and game plays on both but to GPU capabilities. Why should we be held back? As long as Ps4 is supported for another 4 years I say bring it on options are good especially with 4k Tv's being really cheap now.

andibandit1049d ago (Edited 1049d ago )

"The real problem is PS4 owners will not have bragging rights"

Yeah thats the problem....bragging

Bzone241050d ago

I don't know if it's unfair to current ps4 owners, but this may hurt console gaming for the next Gen. What if people just decide to wait for the better .5 console version? If a lot of people do this it will kill sales for the 1st version of the next Gen consoles. Low sales will mean less games, less profit, less support.

Yes phones do this. Lately the new versions aren't much of an upgrade from the previous.

Haru1049d ago

Well I already have a PS4 and if Sony announces a PS4K I might buy that too, but I also know that I won't be touching PS5 because I'll just play on my PS4K until the next updated version of PS5 comes out

Manic20141050d ago

Your analogy is flawed. Consoles survive on the support of games being developed for it. If there's a variety in hardware power. Problems with arise.

Artemidorus1050d ago

I knew someone would say this, unlike smartphones, consoles have been known to be future proof until now.

if I knew my Playstation were going to be outdated in less than three years and required another purchase for an upgrade then I wouldn't of bought it.

Deadpooled1050d ago

"if I knew my Playstation were going to be outdated in less than three years and required another purchase for an upgrade then I wouldn't of bought it."

This. It's not that all the talk about a ps4 being capable of 4k being the bad thing, it's that having to upgrade a console every two or three years would affect sales of consoles at launch. The whole point of buying a console is a system which would play games at the max capability for every player using that system for the next 5-7 years. Who would bother buying a next generation console when in a few years a much better iteration would be available? This would be much more significant to the casual crowd who buy consoles and put them off, the casuals who are supposed to become "tomorrow's Hardcore". Constantly upgrading would eventually kill off console gaming unless it reverts to what it normally is.

WelkinCole1050d ago

It is actually quite disappointing that you guys want to change console gaming model into a mobile phone model.

Basically you guys want to end console gaming as we know it.

The console gaming model predominately has been one static console hardware for the generation on which devs continue to optimized their game engines throughout.

This afforded console gamers better/enhanced games throughout the gen WITHOUT having to upgrade the hardware.

Now you guys want to get enchantments through hardware upgrade like with mobile and PC meaning changing the model that has worked very well for console gamers since the start.

Aceman181050d ago

If this is true it's not gonna upset me in the slightest I'm still gonna get to play great games on my PS4.

admiralvic1050d ago

While I get your point, they're a little different.

The biggest issue I can see is people being afraid of developers building their games around the better hardware and people with the old hardware suffering. I saw a couple of people already state this, with a few noting that developers can do things to prevent this potential problem. While thats certainly possible, I look at things like the New 3DS and old 3DS and see this problem in full force. Some games, such as Monster Hunter or Hyrule Warriors are extremely slow, with painfully long load times and other problems. These issues are so bad that I saw some commenters on N4G say they rather have Hyrule Warriors be an exclusive than what it is for the old 3DS.

Now I imagine the PS4 is designed in a way where they could avoid this issue, where as I don't think Nintendo can fix theirs, but this is still something to think about. All this stuff sounds good on paper until you're buying a $300+ machine, with limited resale value (a few months ago you could've got $200 for an iPhone 5 from Apple, so at least the value holds) and arguably fewer uses.

PurpHerbison1050d ago

Don't ever compare cellphones to game consoles.

CornholioX1050d ago

Normally i never post something on N4G...

What i think about the rumors about PS4.5 or PS4K is that the console is designed only to upscale games to 4K(Upscaling to 4K, not native 4K), playing blu ray movies that supports native 4K, pictures and others. People who has 4K tv's, they can buy PS4K if they want that, that's up to consumers. People who has no 4K tv's has no need to buy PS4K and buy a cheaper PS4. So all the PS4 owners should not worry about the PS4K. PS4 will still be manufactured so in the future we can still play ps4 games that comes out until the next gen is announced.

So don't expect the PS4K will improve graphics. Remember it's just a rumour but can be a fact, because what Wall Street Journal says, can be true. That's my opinion.

MasterCornholio1049d ago (Edited 1049d ago )

I'm also expecting it to be just a slim with 4k movie playback with the abiltiy to upscale games to 4k.

DarkHeroZX1050d ago

Have people forgot Sony did this with the PS1 and it's CPU? Original PS1 had a slower CPU and Sony released a newer model with an overclocked CPU which lead to faster load times and smoother performance, older PS1 still had all the same games and support. Guess Sony needs to be subtle with this stuff now a days and just launch stuff so people don't freak out.

nitus101049d ago

Here is the PS1's technical specifications. Nowhere in the article does it mention a later over-clocked CPU or improved CD-ROM.

Here is a spinet:

MIPS R3000A-compatible 32-Bit RISC CPU MIPS R3051 with 5KB L1 cache, running at 33.8688 MHz .[9]
The microprocessor is manufactured by LSI Logic Corp. with technology licensed from SGI.
Operating performance: 30 MIPS
Bus bandwidth 132 MB/s
One Arithmetic/Logic unit (ALU)
One Shifter
CPU cache RAM:
4 kB instruction Cache[9]
1 kB non-associative SRAM data cache

3-4-51050d ago

* I think it's more so that people don't want to have to buy a new console every 3 years.

That is barely enough time for developers to make games for a console before the next half gen would be released.

It's better to put that new tech into the actual next gen like the next xbox and PS5.

* At least with Nintendo they are releasing a brand new console and not just a Wii U 1.5

ShottyGibs1050d ago (Edited 1050d ago )

What and then not be able to play your PS4 games. Buying remastered games all over again. Be careful what you wish for. What if they changed the name to PS5..? What's the difference?

ThaBx1050d ago

PS4 is a home video game console not a Phone dummy!! wow people now a days are so stupid!!

hiawa231050d ago

I agree. Samsung, Apple, or any of the top tier phone makers need to stop these every year iterations of their $300 plus phones. I am still rockin my Galaxy S4 which is good enough for. No one is forcing anyone to buy a PS4.5, nor does it stop you from enjoying the current model.

JustGamin851050d ago

Yarbie, the difference is with a s8 and a s7 or s6 most of the games for mobile will be played the same, unlike a two console with different hardware. Dont get me wrong i can afford a new ps4.5 and want it. However i do believe in Sony community and would hope any game released for the new system would be hitting the same frame rates for mp aspect in the ps4. I dont care that the ps4.5 would look better, i just dont want to have the upper hand playing the same game my buddy has on his ps4.

Dyldog691050d ago

Different reasoning. Consoles aren't designed as annual products, but rather as cyclical products which have greater spans.

Mithan1050d ago

and clearly, this is now changing.
In the future, consoles will probably move to a 2-3 year upgrade cycle, similar to smart phones/tablets.

Mithan1050d ago

Exactly. Upgrades happen. Done.

nitus101049d ago (Edited 1049d ago )

Please don't try to liken consoles being upgraded to PC's being upgraded.

Basically most PC's on the market today except for Desktops have limited upgrade paths. Don't believe me then take a look at most laptops.

A laptop can normally be upgraded in memory only by replacing the RAM with a greater capacity RAM and in many cases you can't increase the clock frequency. Normally the disk(s) can be upgraded but this