Home will be Available in 2008 - For Sure

Martijn Van Der Meulen, Home producer - have commented at the Leipzig Games Convention about the release date of Home and promised it will come out this year

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eagle213706d ago

That pretty much confirms it. :P

Bombibomb3706d ago

Hmm I'm not so sure about this. Just look at the original source. It's just some random dude saying "Sony told me" blah blah blah. I'll wait for the official announcement from Sony.

Bombibomb3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

Ok I didn't know that lol. + Bubble.

Edit: @ Mr_Kuwabara: It's cool dude thanks anyway.

Mr_Kuwabara3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

"First and foremost, Van der Meulen told me (without hesitation) that it is a 100 percent guarantee that Home will be released by the end of this calendar year. He has absolutely no doubt that this will be the case, so it looks like the long wait to come Home is finally reaching its conclusion."

Quoted from:

Edit* Heh, I guess I was to slow, anyways, I quoted the good stuff so that peeps don't have to link it up.

Hagaf223706d ago

something more to look forward to in an already packed few months for the ps3!!!

n4gzz3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

they delayed it numerous time. Last they said was november for open beta and NOW by 08. I know its getting closer but all these delays .... I hope its worth it.

sonarus3706d ago

lol. like we didn't hear that last yr and early this yr. I just hope there is great developer support when it lands

Alvadr3705d ago

Dont put any money on it. Home was supposed to be coming out Oct07 and they are still in closed beta phase.

sack_boi3705d ago

I'll only use HOME because it's free. I really don't care about it.

marionz3705d ago

just give me the games, im not interested in home at all, sure it will appeal to alot of people but all i want to do is play

ocha843705d ago

how big of a file is home gonna be? how much space is it gonna take up in our hard drives? any one know?

SolidSnake933705d ago

Confirmed bubbles for eagle21.

Megatron083705d ago

I betting in 4 months people will be saying that is was never confirmed for 08

Pr3-M3d_G4M3R3705d ago

...yeah available for a test run then with all the bugs and more delays we wont see it until summer 2009, just watch. I dont even care about home anymore, it's useless to me

LILKEL9143701d ago

yeah yeah yeah they have been saying that for HOW LONG NOW

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BigBaehr3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

2008 AD. Thus marks the end of the 360.

10YearFlop3706d ago

The death of the 360 was long foreseen by smart gamers,we have known ever since day 1 that the xbox 360 would not last past the presidential elections

TheMART3705d ago

If you stay away from the great games and online stuff the 360 has to offer, you're not a real gamer and missing out on the best stuff this gen.

Real gamers have bought the 360, so that makes you not a real gamer for sure.

marionz3705d ago

fanboys on here really are crazy, not only do they invade every 360 article just to bash the hell out of it but they even bash the 360 in sony storys!

seriously guys you have to get out more.

AngryTypingGuy3705d ago

"Thus marks the end of the 360". You retards say that about everything. MGS4 was going to be "Judgment Day", and what happened? Did it reach Halo sales? LOL.

You really think a Sims rip-off will be the end of the 360, especially with the 360's new fall update where you'll be able to play interactive games such as 1 vs. 100 with other Live players in real time? Keep dreaming. Play B3hind.

felidae3705d ago

sorry to correct you MART but the PS3 is for "real gamers" because it offers more different types of games.

if you like to play RPGs and FPS it's ok.

i want games like Ratchet & Clank, God of War, Little Big Planet, Flower, Pixeljunk Eden, Warhawk, Uncharted, Heavenly Sword, Folklore, MGS4, Motorstorm, Wipeout, Siren Blood Curse, Heavy Rain, Socom and much more.

i can't play these on my 360.

Stryfeno13705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

Hahahhaaa pure comedy.

2006 PS3 released and supposed to automatically kill the 360- FAILED!

PS3 games like Resistance, Motorstorm, Lair, Heavenly Sword, ect.. were going to demolish the 360 to oblivion- FAILED!

MGS4 was supposed to put the final nail in the 360's coffin- FAILED!

The almighty FW 2.4 was supposed to...well we all know what it was supposed to do- FAILED!

Now with HOME around the corner "2008 AD. Thus marks the end of the 360"- (Insert Sony's fanboy reality here).

The more disagrees I get the more my statement is true...Thank you.

zapass3705d ago

lol @ the baboons who jumped in:

- my bluray player has more and better games OUCH!
- with accessories and XBL subscription: PS3 ends up cheaper OUCH!
- i can watch HD movies OUCH!



Pain3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

I'm broke and need a job so i dont giva a F%&*.

and for the PS home haters err jealous Xbots, what do you have to look forward to in 08 HMMM???? Fable 'the do what u want stay the F&^% on the path game?' or the Queers of War emo fest 1.5...or thats right new XBOX 3 announcement for 09/10....!!!??

Home is FREE on PS3 and that burns worse the RRod. and Greatness takes time always has always will., spin that.

So just shut up and rotate.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

You will find Alan Wait there to!!! ;-D

LOOK!!! at all the xBot Lemmings on this!!! ;-D
Crying and HOMELESS!!! ;-D

syanara3705d ago

im just done there are wayy too many ps3 fanboys here that make the ps3 look bad. people who make fanboyish comments non stop should be banned and people who make fanboyish accounts should also be banned infact u might as well ban me cause im not commenting here anymore its just annoying when people console war non-stop and another thing thats really stupid is when people laugh at others fanboyish stupidity I mean did u ever think that you yourself could be making a stupid comment? its weird things like FAIL, HAHA, thanks for the laugh, shut up nazim, or insulting game puns like too flop or flopstation or xbox 3fixme that make people sound like complete idiots on this website what u people really need to UNDERSTAND is that the 360 AND the ps3 are BOTH good consoles BOTH have ups and DOWNs and BOTH have good and bad games. this website should just be called war for fanboys i mean honestly its not just a few of you or alot of you ITS EVERYSINGLE PERSON!!! EVEN ME! yes thats right i said myself too and thats why I'm probably never gonna comment here again unless there is something that really needs to be said. I know already none of you are gonna stop but do I care? no keep console waring as you wish and one day your gonna look back and think wow was I a dumbas$

pwnsause3705d ago

""Thus marks the end of the 360". You retards say that about everything. MGS4 was going to be "Judgment Day", and what happened? Did it reach Halo sales? LOL.

You really think a Sims rip-off will be the end of the 360, especially with the 360's new fall update where you'll be able to play interactive games such as 1 vs. 100 with other Live players in real time? Keep dreaming. Play B3hind."

uh, Judgement Day did happen, and you bots were judged. You see, the 360 still cant outsell the PS3 this year LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOOL Judgement Day was the beginning of the end of the 360. You still Dont realize it after all these months??

AngryTypingGuy3705d ago

Pwnsauce, even if the PS3 eventually passes the 360, which will probably eventually happen but is not guaranteed, it doesn't mean doom for the 360. If the PS3 stays in third, do you think it will spell doom for it, or will it have enough market share to sustain itself? I've got news for you, financially, the PS3 is in the most trouble as far as making a profit goes.

Thanks to the Wii and the 360 taking big chunks out of Sony's market share, all 3 should be just fine. :-D

Pick out a big PS3 exclusive launching a year from now. You'll be saying "[insert title here] will be the end of the 360." Same song, different day.

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10YearFlop3706d ago

After all,this is Sony and not the company that has promised Alan Fake

TheMART3705d ago

Ah yes... This is Sony that got Home delayed already for even more then a year. Sony that saw the delays on GT5, Haze, KZ2 and all the other games.

Including the flops of the year:

2007: Lair
2008: Haze

Every year the flop of the year goes to the PS3

juuken3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

Crybaby on aisle three. I repeat, cry baby on aisle three.

Droid3705d ago


thekingofMA3705d ago

you don't even post comments anymore

all you do is go around asking people if you hurt their feelings and crap like "MS cºck taste good?"

your "insults" are rarely good and never relevant

for instance, Mart's comment wasn't crying or complaining-he insulted your precious ps3 and its maker Sony (i seriously hope you're a Sony shareholder because the amount your defend the company is at an unsafe level)-apparently, you couldn't handle Mart's comments so you go off trying to insult him by calling him a crybaby, even though that word should really be directed at you, juuken the crybaby

juuken3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

More crybabies on aisle three, I repeat, more crybabies on aisle three.

Oh your comment amused me. Mart's insults never make any sense, and just indicates that he's merely jealous.

Just you like are.


pixelsword3705d ago

... The game spent 10 years in the making just to get a 6.7 something or other, hyped since '98 on the PS1. Haze wasn't trying to be anything but a shooter made by guys making a game on the hardest console to program for. The problem is that Both games are equally floppable, but HAZE didn't take 10 years to get to flop status.

silverchode3705d ago

mart i think too human is flop of the year for 08 since it was in development for such a long time and probably cost more to make than haze.

Xlll3705d ago

I love the fact someone can talk about delays while playing too human. As for home we clearly seen M$'s copy and paste skillz with those mii's and home wanna be err i mean "Avatars"

thekingofMA3705d ago

i dont know if anyone will get this response but ill post it anyways

juuken-im jealous of what exactly?

home? i honestly dont care about some 3D world where you own a fake house and walk around in a fake world. ill admit it could be cool, but i dont care about home. it's really just you and a bunch of other avatars walking around. fun...

but thank you for proving my point about you and insults. you didn't really respond to my criticism of you, but just called me a crybaby (a very immature and incredibly inoffensive insult) and throw around random accusations like people being jealous

you're an incredibly stupid person if you think people will get offended by your pitiful remarks...

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SpecialSauce3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

we'll be getting home a completely free and social interactive app not to mention INNOVATIVE and those xbots we'll be getting their cheap knock off home were they can play with new dolls that they can dress up. AWESOME!!!!

Cajun Chicken3706d ago

But this needs to have an Air Hockey (like 'Shufflepuck Cafe' on the Amiga) built in as a mini-game using Six-axis.