IGN: Fable II: 10 Things You Absolutely Have to Know

With Fable II just around the corner, Lionhead fans can start getting legitimately excited. Fable II really is looking like it will be the sequel everyone was hoping for. From a visual standpoint the Dickensian fantasy art direction is stunning and ably backed by polished animations and the visual evolution of the player, while the gameplay is a tasty melange of combat and role playing, in a world that responds to the player in ways both overt and subtle.

If you haven't been following the coverage closely, consider this a ten point primer for one of the most promising games of the year. If you have, then this should be a good recap.

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10YearFlop3710d ago

That is all we need to know

fufotrufo3710d ago

you know what suck @ life :D

TheMART3710d ago

Good to know the biggest flops of the year are on the PS3 over and over again:

2007: Lair
2008: Haze
2009: ....

The real flops are on the BluRayStation 3 as just proven, might that be the FLOPS that Sony did put in the paper specs of the POS3?

marionz3710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

why do you constantly lower yourself to the same level as idiots like 10yearflop.

fact is both consoles have flops, no need to take it so personal, and as a 360 owner and fan even i can see ps3 is going to outshine 360 in the future, the whole on paper thing just doesnt wash anymore, its not a bad thing either, both consoles still deliver more top quality games then flops, i have alot of gameing to catch up on this year and its going to rock!

games to keep me going in 08

resistance 1 and 2
gears of war 2
fable 2
viva pinata 2
ratchet and clank
banjo kazooie
heavenly sword

getting my ps3 in a month or so, so as you can see i have some catching up to do but these are just a few of the games i have to cram in before the years end!

Freckler3710d ago

From what I'm hearing, Sony fanboys have to give 360 fans a bj after Fable 2 outscores the ps3's fall line-up. Better get those jaws in shape.

Gam713710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

well done flop, well done.
I always like to know if the person i'm talking to is an idiot.

had to think about your chosen tag as at first i thought your name was a response to sony's 10 yr plan.

in fact that's how i'll think about it.

freckler do you really want to catch what they have?
you've seen how much verbal diarrhoea they leave here, imagine how long you'd be scrubbing yourself clean afterwards.

PopEmUp3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

know what come to mind when the word "FLOP" come into play? It remind me of Too Human, did that ring a bell to your ears about your AAA games, now that we all should know that "Too Human" should considered as AAA flop games, am I correct, or should I say Am I right? or Am I right?

Freckler3709d ago

That's a good point Gam71, I certainly don't want any scabies on my 5-star Sackboy. Oddly, just like you I thought he was refering to the Ps3 with his username. Great minds think alike huh.

Pain3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

"Good to know the biggest flops of the year are on the PS3 over and over again:

2007: Lair
2008: Haze
2009: ....

The real flops are on the BluRayStation 3 as just proven, might that be the FLOPS that Sony did put in the paper specs of the POS3.

Oh ye stupid kid.

2007 sure Lair suck only cuz of the controls. try playing the game now kid.

and flop of 2008 is TOOOOO HUUUMMMAAAANNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!! Only on XBOX,so u fail there like that condom your dad used.

and Blu-ray failing!!!!!!!!!?????????????? ????? what country do u live in ?? or should i say Back water hick vile USA that your 56k internet is from?????

like i said Fail like your Daddy's Condom did.

Fable will be a let down in some form of the way u just watch. but will get fixed in PC all Games for windows err xbox 2 games....

waits for brainless witty Emo xbot kid mindless dribble response.. ..... ... . .. .. .

ps3killin3603709d ago

what make you think fable 2 will be any good???, fable 1 was the biggest crap i ever play on the xbox. fable 1 was like 5 hour and i hear fable 2 around 3 hour long of bad graphics, bad gameplay, and bad draw distance. this will sum up fable 2.

Gam713709d ago

not admitting you once owned an xbox are you?

lets keep with your logic. Resistance 1 was crap. AAA flop i believe its described as, so resistance 2 will be crap as well.

Killzone one was overhyped and failed to live up to it... you can see where this is going.

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meepmoopmeep3710d ago

Fable 2 is looking/sounding superb!!!

n4gzz3710d ago

This is one my most anticipated game. I never played fable 1 but I am very much interested on this one. It seems like its gonna deliver too.
Happy gaming.

Gam713710d ago

I never played the first one but i am seriously looking at getting this one.

Bubble Buddy3710d ago

Choice is great, and Fable 2 gives you that. This game looks awesome.

"A charming town in which you can get a soul-sapping mind-numbing medieval job. Or steal sh!t. I know which option I'll take."


lsujester3709d ago

I did play the first one and while it was a good RPG (not great, but good). Many people were pissed, though... during production, Peter Molyneux constantly promised a lot of features, and then when the game came out, much of it was nowhere to be found.

So I'm holding off any ideas of purchasing this game until it ships and is actually found to be really good.

Personally, I've had almost nothing but disappointment in Peter Molyneux's for a while now. While some of his early stuff was magnificent (Syndicate, Populous), since 2000 most of the games have disappointed me. Both Black & White games suffered from horrible bugs, and even when they worked, were not that great. The Movies games could be fun, but felt so limited in what you could do.

TheDude2dot03709d ago

I hate it when people are like "Fable II looks pwnage awesome! I'm totally going to buy it!". I then ask him/her if they loved the first one too and they are like "No, but this one looks the betterz!".

I garuntee you that this will be fun, but no where near the same level as Fable 1. That's something that I know for sure.

I'm always up for some nostalgia. The same thing happened for me with Pikmin 1 and Pikmin 2.

The Lazy One3709d ago

would it be worse than fable 1? It's got almost the same combat gameplay, better magic system (BY FAR), more features all around.

And! molyneux has been quiet most of the time after what happened with fable1

GameOn3709d ago

I just played through Fable 1 recently and it a really good game.
Looking at Fable 2 it's clear that it's going to be a great improvement over the first. With all the new stuff Lionhead have added I cant see how you could think this will be worse than the first.

Explain yourself if you will.

Immaculate3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

I can hardly wait to play this with my friends on Live, it should be hysterical. : ) I'm going to make the townspeople hate my friends lol.

TheDude2dot03709d ago

There is no way that Fable II will ever surmount Fable Uno in terms of fun. It will only be helping remember the first one. I played the original so much that playing a game with the same gameplay, but with improved details won't make it better for me.

What I'm saying is that Fable II will never be able to give me the same feeling I got with the first one. The first one was so good and it was one of best memories of the Xbox. This second one will only bring me memories, not a satisfied feeling of what I got with the first one.

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Mao3709d ago

Fable 2 and LittleBigPlanet for me! Also, I believe Bioshock for PS3 too right? INCREDIBLE!

ChrisGTR13710d ago

this game is gonna goty contender. now i just hope the game has alot of substance to it and dosent leave me with an empty handed feeling like fable 1 did after i beat the game in only 10 hours :(

sack_boi3710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

I loved the first Fable, and I'll be picking this one up as soon as it's releasd on PC (hope PC gets it's own release too).

Resisteance 2, Gears of war 2, Fallout III, LBP, Fable II (...) this fall is going to be EPIC.

SCThor3710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

The contenders will be


Freckler3709d ago

I honestly doubt LBP would even be considered for GOTY. A level editor? Just don't see it.

TheExecutive3709d ago

I actually think the gaming media will overwhelmingly choose LBP as GOTY over anything this year (unless fallout is amazing). In any case gears of war will not win, nor will MGS. Both will be great but both are in many respects "the same old sh*t". I betcha LBP is very very very well received by the gaming media.

The Lazy One3709d ago

Since when did GOTY become about being new and original? It's about who has the best game, period. It can be the most stereotypical shooter in the world, but if it's good, it has a solid chance at a GOTY.

Immaculate3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

I agree with Freckles, level editors aren't anything special, they have been around for a long time. I used the level editors on Timesplitters and Halo 3 for a total of about 3 hours over 3 days. They just aren't fun if all you really want to do is play a game.

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dkp233710d ago

This game I read is about 10-15 hours if you just play the story mode straight. Now doing side missions and trying to get gold (not being able to collect gold from drops), buying property and doing the stone door riddles. This game can go over 40 hours I am assuming if you want to do all of those things and get good weapons and armor.

The original was about 10 hours after buying some property, getting a wife, and doing a bunch of side missions. It shouldnt dissapoint (I hope)...

ChrisGTR13710d ago

well i know for shure the 2 player coop is gonna add a good 10-20 hours. i just hope they add alot of of customization and armor ala too human.

you know i actually feel like buying fable the lost chapters. its probably like 10$ or something now.

BTW am i the only one pissed off here? i heard theres extra missions /armor in the limited edition.... thats just F'd up. especially when the special edition is 80$! oh same thing goes for gears 2 silver lancer in game with Special E. damn MS.