What would you uninvent about modern games?


Dual-wielding: for a while, that seemed like the way games moved forward. What's better than holding one gun? Holding two! Good scrum everybody! But progress is a complex business, and while a lot of design is about adding new elements to the mix, what happens when you start to take things away?

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SaveFerris1050d ago

Invisible walls/inability to climb over waist high walls.
Forced stealth sections.
RPGs becoming more casual.
Black/White morality choices.

Yi-Long1050d ago

(Self) censorship. Just make and release the game how you want to make & release it, instead of compromising the creative vision out of fears over potential reactions from a very minor part of the community.

thorstein1050d ago

Review scores. You can't put an objective score on a subjective medium. Try to: What is the score of the Mona Lisa? Pearl Jam's Ten? Uncanny X-Men? David? The Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?

Exactly. Just get rid of those stupid scores.

ArchangelMike1050d ago

Season Passes, DLC and Microtransactions.

detroitmademe1049d ago

The business side of games. Nowadays it's holding back innovation and creativity.

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The story is too old to be commented.