New 80GB PS3 Provides Minimal Power Savings, Might Have 65nm RSX GPU

Last Engadget heard, it was still up in the air somewhat as to whether upcoming PlayStation 3 consoles would house the elusive 65-nanometer RSX graphics processor.

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morganfell3760d ago

The console is a hot item. Amazon results as of this post are as follows.

Amazon US:

PS3: 80GB PS3 rank 5, MGS4 80GB rank 62, 40GB rank 91

360: 20GB 360 rank 77, 60GB 360 not in top 100

Amazon UK

PS3: 80GB PS3 rank 12, 40GB rank 75, MGS4 80GB not in top 100

360: 60GB 360 rank 30, 20GB 360 not in top 100

Amazon Germany

PS3: 80GB PS3 rank 5, 40GB not in top 100, MGS4 80GB not in top 100

360: 60GB 360 not in top 100, 20GB 360 not in top 100

Amazon France

PS3: 80GB PS3 rank 14, 40GB not in top 100, MGS4 80GB not in top 100

360: 60GB 360 not in top 100, 20GB 360 not in top 100

PoSTedUP3760d ago

thanks for the info bro. +bubbles ; )

morganfell3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

Back at you Posted! Looks like someone here isn't feeling too grand about information you can get in minutes and it makes their 360 look bad. The fact that it causes them so much angst is proof of who doesn't have a life and it isn't you or I that is missing one ha ha.

resistance1003760d ago

Umm the MGS4 80GB bundle WAS NOT released in Europe, so of course they wouldn't be in the Top 100 in EU amazon sites.

AIi_The_Brit3760d ago

Bubbles posted & morganfell

juuken3760d ago

I think you made someone cry there morgan. You should have asked me for my supply of tissues! >.<

morganfell3760d ago

Uhm you need to go to and have a look. They are in the Top 100 of sales. Sorry to crush you walnuts but WHACK!

RIGHT IN THE JIMMYS! And that is just the UK.

The same is true for all the territories I mentioned. You see here is the embarrassing part. Even preorders - and those are sales pal - are whacking the hell out of the 360.

juuken was offering tissues so you should get some.

Look at this:

Ohhhhh! Right in sack. They must be blue by now. One more shotr coming, brace yourself.

The PS3 is coming on like a hurricane and that is just a fact. The games that people want are on the PS3. Any on the 360? Yes. But over all between the two platforms it is the PS3 that is offering the full entertainment experience.

HDTV sales are really starting to gather steam and people wanting to experience that new found wonder are seeing blu.

zapass3760d ago

the bots are hurting up their red ass
and then if you add the japan sales, it's a massive nervous breakdown
and then if you mention the recent US sales it's an epidemic of suicides


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TOSgamer3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

The guy bought one just to check how much power it uses? Stupid...

CrippleH3760d ago

^100% agreed.

I ought to Pedigree him.

TOO PAWNED3760d ago

Or maybe he is paranoic green activist LOL

morganfell3760d ago

If you are a gamer and you are that concerned about power consumption then you are not a gamer.

FantasyStar3760d ago

Nothing wrong with trying to protect your investments. Although I wouldn't think of swapping up my 60GB for the 80GB just for the nm downsizing alone.

ChanDangle3760d ago

I agree It's like buying a Ferrari and worrying about gas.

Panthers3760d ago

That is probably the best analogy of the day.

ChrisGTR13760d ago

so is it true these "core" 80 gigs dont have BC?

Meus Renaissance3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

BC will eventually be provided to ALL models via firmware updates according to David Reeves.

rushbd3760d ago

Can you please direct me to that quote. thanks it really means a lot. :)

ChrisGTR13760d ago

well i just hope it dosent. so that way itll make our consoles(early adopters)alot more rare.

TrooGamer3760d ago

They are going to do once the PS2 reaches 10 years! It will also be around the time the PS3 is mass market price...why hunder PS3 game s sales now when the PS2 is still selling?

JoySticksFTW3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

because if that is true... Mega-win!

I'll try to look up a quote in the meantime. Thanks for the tip-off.


Ok, I found some information about Singstar PS2 Backwards Compatibility with PS3...

I can't find anything definitive though on full BC with all PS3 skus.

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Maywell3760d ago

yeah, I would like to know about the BC issue from firmware for all PS3

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