Creating Vehicular Chaos In Carmageddon: Max Damage | TSA

I tried to play it as a racing game, following the marked route through the streets of a city, while occasionally careening round a corner and carelessly mowing down the civilians or “peds” who got in my way. You can definitely play it as a race, going round this particular circuit five times and crossing the finish line first, but when the game is renowned for its vehicular manslaughter and when the AI veers off and disappears into other parts of the Bleak City map to do their own thing, you kind of get the feeling that pure racing isn’t how you’ll get the best out of the game.

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SonyWarrior1049d ago

This game looks good ill defiantly get it day one

superchiller1048d ago

Looks absolutely fantastic. Carmageddon 2 on PC was one of my favorites, looking forward to this sequel.