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Stuff: Quantum Break dares to succeed at pushing the boundaries of interactive storytelling.

The relationship between games and films and TV is stronger than ever of course (for better or worse), but Quantum Break’s gamble of putting everything in the same box really pays off. It almost always functions as an actual game too, ticking along with the satisfying precision of a Swiss watch.

It’s really the characters and the messed up ‘real world’ they inhabit that stand out though, even if it’s frustrating there’s not more of it, or them, to explore in-depth. Just like Max Payne, Quantum Break isn’t perfect, but that’s the price you pay for being ahead of your time. Trust me, I’ve been there.

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Rookie_Monster1054d ago

Another perfect scores: the breakdown between high scores of 10s and 9s are like night and day compared to the 4s and 5s are truly one sided and tells how the majority is felling about thier play time with the game.
10s = 8
9s = 38
8s = 46


6s = 11
5s = 2
4s = 4

A totally one sided argument.

Mkai281054d ago

Yet I noticed the only review scores of QB that make the front page are low scores..

TFJWM1054d ago

Umm no this is what a 1 sided argument looks like...(It is a game that people said QB was going to score like here on N4G)

10s = 42
60s = 1