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Nintendo Life: From old-school platformers like Shovel Knight to the pixel-art renaissance, what's old is new again these days, and retro revivals have made for some wonderfully received games in recent years. The best of these projects leverage clever design, modern sensibilities and plenty of polish to craft experiences that feel like games as we remember them, rather than how they might have actually been. Unfortunately, that's not exactly the case with Kemco's latest eShop adventure, Alphadia, which picks up after Wii U title Alphadia Genesis in unabashedly harkening back to the 16- and 32-bit era of JRPGs. While Alphadia offers a decent serving of comfort-gaming for players missing those glory days, it suffers from a lack of personality and fails to hold up as well as its actual retro inspirations, or really to make much of an impression among the rest of the 3DS' stellar library of JRPGs.

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