‘No Man’s Sky’ is the ultimate role-playing game - BGR

"Having watched every preview video and read every interview on the Internet, I wasn’t sure No Man’s Sky could do anything to surprise me. On Thursday, I had a chance to play the universe simulator from Hello Games for the very first time, and although I knew what to expect, I came away with a surprising revelation."

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ruefrak1049d ago

No Man's Sky is the game I've been waiting my whole life to play. I have a feeling that once it's out, I'll be done with getting anymore video games. This is the one I'm going to be playing for years.

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ArchangelMike1049d ago (Edited 1049d ago )

I've said that about a few games in my time... aahhh the memories....

But yeah, I'll be one of those people who'll be making that journey to the centre of the galaxy via the scenic route :))

Scatpants1049d ago

I figured the ultimate role playing game would look fun rather than like repetitive drudgery.

Bruneblomst1049d ago

Du er da en ost at høre på,haben du spist af kummen?

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Pongwater1049d ago

For me the Elder Scrolls games are the best RPGs, but they're still highly repetitive. Every game ever made is repetitive. Whether it's drudgery or not depends on the player and what they want in a game. Personally, NMS looks like something I'll be into for a long time. I'll play other games as well, but I'll keep coming back. My opinion may change after I play it, but I'm just going on what I've seen so far.

kenwonobi1049d ago

Looks like an adventure. I love exploration. I don't think exploration is used enough in video games. Treasure hunting and beautiful locations. As part of the gameplay. Something really successful games like Uncharted, Oblivion, tomb Raider do well.

sangoku_d1049d ago

Nms will be my minecraft

S2Killinit1049d ago

It good to hear it is making a positive mark.

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