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Quantum Break is the first game in the modern era to bridge the gap between videogames and television.

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bullproodhead1052d ago

I got the game early. I sat down and took my time with this game. It's pretty darn great. The fmvs are pretty good too. The gameplay itself isn't revolutionary but it feels tight besides a tiny bit of framerate issues I've witnessed.

It's not going to be for everyone. I loved Alan Wake and what remedy does so take my opinion with a grain of salt. Even if this game went down to the 60's on metacritic -it's still worth a play. I have a feeling Alan Wake 2 is around the corner as well with the easter eggs/references in the game.

I hope remedy keeps making games. I don't put much weight into the reviews but I have a feeling sales won't be good(even with a high aggregate score this game is pretty niche).

Crosses fingers!

TwoForce1052d ago

I hope Remedy will keep making game.

DarXyde1052d ago

Remedy isn't going to stop making games because Quantum Break isn't doing A+ scores, so there's not concerns there.

They may wish to reconsider the whole episodic thing in the future, but that's probably all. They're not bad story tellers and their gameplay is, in general, pretty fun.

I wouldn't worry about their future.

Ricegum1051d ago

"I wouldn't worry about their future."

I would, if their games are selling poorly.

BlakHavoc1051d ago

How did you get the game early?...

ITPython1051d ago

I haven't played the game yet but I plan to on or around day 1. The whole TV show thing doesn't seem like an issue to me, as while I obviously do love playing my games, it's nice to take a break every now and then and just enjoy some cutscenes. I loved all the ones in MGS4, never was a problem I thought.

On a somewhat related note, I just started watching Powers on PS+ (didn't realize it started up a year ago). And as I'm watching this show I can't help but make the connection to Infamous:SS. And it really makes me wonder if Sony released Infamous:SS much sooner than they wanted, because it would have been PERFECT to release the game and the Powers series side-by-side. Really enjoying the series though, and I am getting a lot more into it just imagining the series existing in the same universe as Infamous. And I hope the shows in QB can make that same kind of connection.

DLConspiracy1051d ago

I love David Tennant but the show was meh... it was so so.

TheSaint1051d ago

David Tennant isn't in Powers.

DLConspiracy1051d ago

@the saint

Oh shite! You are right! It's that Copley fella. Well I love him too but still. The show wasn't that good.