Single disc version of Bayonetta 2 gets big discount

The single disc version of Bayonetta 2 has been discounted to $20.70.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1049d ago

At this rate, Bay 2 might hit that million seller club.

And for a system with only 12M to sell to, compared to the 160M combined install base that the first one had to sell to yet only sold around 3M total, that's actually pretty impressive.

Excellent game. Any fan of the action genre should be picking this up for their collection.

Maybay1049d ago (Edited 1049d ago )

Well said. Free online service, backward compatibility, and an amazing library of exclusive software.

Times have changed; people care less about value and more about... I have no clue - but whatever it is, it's obvious PC does better than anyone else, though Nintendo's at least different enough to not be factored into the bunch.

mikeslemonade1049d ago

This is an overrated game.

LOL_WUT1049d ago

Sorry but this is not something to really boast about considering how much other games have sold on the WiiU. It also had a lot of publicity (good and bad), yet has not managed to hit the one million sales mark. ;)

wonderfulmonkeyman1049d ago

Yet it's still selling and getting closer instead of stopping, so sorry, but it IS something to boast about.
It's evidence that Nintendo gamers loved the game enough to boost its attach rate above and beyond that of consoles with thrice the number of players.

You can't spin that without being a hater of some sort.

Segata1049d ago

Wii U has the highest software attach rates and not just in ratio. PS4 best selling published game is 2.1 million. Wii U they have about 8 games over that mark that is published. Best selling game is over 7 million.

jcnba281049d ago

"Sorry but this is not something to really boast about considering how much other games have sold on the WiiU."

Lol hipocrisy at its finest!

You were one of the people who said this game would never reach 1 million sales. Eat crow ;)

jcnba281049d ago

Getting dislikes for stating facts lol N4G.

LOL_WUT1048d ago

Of course I said that when did I ever say otherwise?

"Operation Platinum" What did you think I forgot? Like I said it STILL hasn't sold a million copies yet. ;)

Miss_Vixen1049d ago

It's unfortunate, Bayonetta 2 should of been released on the other platforms too. The game deserves to have a bigger audience.

wonderfulmonkeyman1049d ago (Edited 1049d ago )

The bigger audience didn't help the first one sell to a significant portion of the combined 160M fanbase of the two 7th gen consoles, despite being such a great game.

Yet the second one is closing in on the 1M mark with not even a tenth of that install base backing it up.

As someone who bought the original on PS3, I don't like having to say this, but here's the hard truth:

Nintendo fans have shown more love and respect to Bayonetta as a franchise, through their ongoing support of Bay 2, than the supposed "real fans" that value their console loyalties over following a series they claim is one of their absolute favorites.

Plus, Nintendo saved it while Sony and Microsoft didn't lift a finger to help it live.

I wouldn't call it unfortunate that it became exclusive to Wii U, because Bayonetta is receiving lots of love from the Nintendo fanbase.

What's really unfortunate is that those that dislike the Wii U put their feelings about the console before their loyalty to a great franchise, and forced the sales of the game to suffer more than they deserved to suffer as a result.

Venox20081048d ago

Well said.. I am a big fan of Bayo (bought game 2 copies each on x360 and ps3) and 2 times bayo2 (once with first print edition).. and to be honest my heart still bleeds that not so many copies were sold between two consoles (comparing to the install base to WiiU).. and when i heard that SEGA wont release bayo2 because of not enough sales of the first one.. but when Nintendo showed a teaser of Bayo2 i have almost done a barrel roll on my bed.. i am happy that Nintendo decided to find Bayo2 and i really hopeful that we will see Bayo3 Platinum are one of the best developers ever for me.. people who like hack n slash games really should play this masterpiece (well its Hideki Kamiya game after all) :)

ZeekQuattro1049d ago

Nintendo funding the game is the only reason it exists. lol Blame Sony and Microsoft for passing on the franchise. Platinum went to those two first believe me.

Ck1x1049d ago

No thanks, it was Nintendo or nothing so get over yourself already...

Miss_Vixen1049d ago (Edited 1049d ago )

I actually owned every Nintendo console, and my comment was not directed at Nintendo, it was more about wanting the game to have a bigger following.

Big_Game_Hunters1049d ago (Edited 1049d ago )

All games deserve to be played by everyone. Unfortunately that's not how business works and that's the reality of it. I wish all games would run on my PC.

jcnba281049d ago

Sorry but your comment makes no sense. Bayo 2 on Wii U has already outsold what the original sold on Xbox 360.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1048d ago (Edited 1048d ago )

Well pretty much the PS and Xbox owners fault for not buying such a great series when it first came out.

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