Watch the pros make a LittleBigPlanet level!

GX writes "Sacboy has been the popular icon for the past couple of weeks, and with his release just around the corner he's sure to stick around. Yet another trailer has surfaced showing off the game once again. This time it shows three players creating their very own level right from scratch. We assume their developers/representatives of the game as they seem to not need anytime to pause, and most likely already had a level in mind. This will definitely get me thinking about what levels I will attempt to create with my Sacboy. I say attempt as my imagination is horrible. Trailer after the jump!"

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jamesrocks31473710d ago

i can not wait for this game it diffantly is something that is gunna change PS3 this game dont look to get boring and is going to be one mazzive hit i think

Genesis53710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

I have to admit that looks like a lot of fun to do. Even if you don't post them, just sharing them with your friends will be pretty cool.

facepalm3710d ago

Seriously... The more I look at this game, the more I smile.

I just can't wait for this game... ::thinks about levels that I can build::

StephanieBBB3710d ago

I hope that these guys were the LPB booth crew and not the LPB developers. That would be troubling...

Lifendz3710d ago

hooked on designing their home in the Sims? I remember how I'd tinker with the layout for hours and then move on to another room. I liken that to LBP in a way. I'm going to spend hours perfecting my level. I've already got some ideas on what I want to do. But the real star is going to get those levels from the guys that re-create Mario, Zelda, and who knows what else. Can you imagine a level where you move from Sonic to Earthworm Jim to Mario to Alterd Beasts? That's just one idea. Can't wait for the game.

TheDude2dot03710d ago

I'm thinking about all those crazy levels that will be advertised on Youtube. That would make it easier to know which ones you will want.

A good idea would be to show mini-trailers when downloading different maps. That would help a tons.

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CrippleH3710d ago

They seem more like amateurs then pros.

jwatt3710d ago

I see with the second video with a little trial and error you can get things to work.

I wonder if you create levels with other players does everyone get credit for it.

10YearFlop3710d ago

The future of gaming is in a sack,sonys sack that is

Firstkn1ghT3710d ago

Dude, you have commented almost every 10-15 minutes for like 3 days straight. Time to put the keyboard down and go make some friends nerd.

10YearFlop3710d ago

hahaha you think you will get rid of me that easily

AIi_The_Brit3710d ago

oh please

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and every nerd calls everyone else a nerd

you probably have no friends yourself

so get out and take your fail with you

juuken3710d ago

Uh-oh 10Year Flop, you're making even Firstkn1ghT cry. .__.

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