The new design for King Regis is modeled after actor Jon Campling

Novacrystallis: "We learned today this new version of Regis comes from the likeness of British actor Jon Campling.

Over on Twitter, Campling confirmed his role as the “face and physical performance of King Regis.” The voice of Regis will be performed by Sean Bean, who will not be reprising his role in the game."

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Big_Game_Hunters2554d ago

Are they sure it is not modeled after Acturus mengks?

tanukisuit2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

SC II version, and damn, you're right!


kowan2554d ago

They're talking about the face which is clearly modeled after Jon Campling.

SaveFerris2554d ago

Sean Bean voicing the character of King Regis. I guessing the King will likely kick the bucket, huh?

madpuppy2554d ago

Getting killed during a performance is in all of Sean Bean's contracts.