Final Fantasy XV is Making Games Feel Good Again

Brandon Bui, Executive Editor at Gamer Professionals expresses his struggle in understanding the current generation of games, and finds an answer in a highly unlikely place. Looking at the recent issues in the gaming industry as a whole and seeing what Final Fantasy XV is doing to change that, it's high time to reconsider joining this generation.

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TheOldSuitedMan2552d ago

I've never really played any of the Final Fantasy games, but this one is beginning to spark my interest.

GamerProfessionals2552d ago

Play Final Fantasy VII at least! :)

joab7772552d ago

It's my favorite game of all time, but I am hesitant to recommend it to people under a certain age. They simply havnt played many of the older games and have a hard time.

I did it a couple times and it's hard to hear someone tell me that FF7 is no good. But I understand how someone who played ME2 as their first rpg, may have a difficult time w FF7.

That said, FF15 looks to be a great starting point for FF going forward. We can put the bad taste of FF13 behind us.

Also, as an old school rpg fan, games like Ni No Kuni and Lost Odyssey are great next gen versions of turned based rpgs. NNK2 is coming and here's to hoping we also see a LO2. It would be a dream come true. Seeing that they even ditched turned based in the FF7 remake, I don't think we will see any new rpgs using the old combat mechanics any longer, unless it's an indie or a Persona or NNK.

When FF13 released, I just wanted a better looking old school game, with an over world map etc. NNK did everything I wanted FF13 to do.

beebap2552d ago

Love to see a new lost odyssey! Just looked to see if it was backwards compatabile, disapoointed to see it is not as I never actually finished the game! I still like turned based so dont sure if enjoy the new ff mechanics but seems like kingdom hearts style so sure I will get used to it and love it.

nix2552d ago

FF7 is turned based rpg. So that's keeping me away. I did play Dirge of Cerberus because it was arpg.

I'm interested in ff15. Heck I've been interested since they talked about ffiv versus.

But saying ff15 is making gaming good again is a bit too much. Bloodborne really made me play the game seriously this gen. Now Salt and Sanctuary is keeping me busy. When ff15 comes I'll be the one to buy it but let's give credits to other games as well.

scark922552d ago

Final Fantasy Tactics!

Muzikguy2552d ago

And 3, 5,9, and 10! Lol

2552d ago
Muzikguy2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )


The turn to ARPG is turning me off to the genre. There's really no reason there can't be both. Persona V is looking good

DarXyde2552d ago

I'm more of a Shin Megami Tensei/Persona fan, but VII is a great game. I agree with joab77 though where it may not have aged well to gamers who started gaming in what's become the contemporary era.

That said, there's an ongoing "feud" between gamers regarding Final Fantasy VII, VIII, and IX where the community is often divided on which one is the best. Personally, I liked VIII the most, but the PSOne era Final Fantasy games and even the PS2 era games are pretty good.

Ogygian2552d ago

It's too old at this point. Games Final Fantasy 4 and 6 can be played today, as their 2D graphics give them a timeless style, but the early 3D graphics are pretty hideous.

I think if people are going to enjoy that game at this point, they should wait for the remake, lest they be put off forever.

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glassgannon9092552d ago

the game without a doubt looks phenomenal if you go in with an open mind.
offcourse there's still a feud going on between the various sides of the fanbase.
but when i think about it, this has been a thing since ff rose to major western popularity starting from 7,different groups of fans have found ways to bash and call every iteration after it not a proper ff game.8 through 15 every single one of them has gone through the same critiscm of not holding on to its roots.
others however are more open to change, for eg 12 is by far my favorite and 15 is by far my most anticipated.and i loved 7 just as much as any of you guys allthe while im looking forward to persona 5 as well.
its awesome to have so many good jrpgs in the pipeline.
all that said, i do believe xv will be the biggest invitation to club FF since ff7.i expect lots of newcomers to the series.

NukaCola2552d ago

If you want to try another series like FF XV, because you don't like Active Time Battle / turn Based, then I would recommend playing Kingdom Hearts. It's one of the best games ever made.

jeromeface2552d ago

DarXyde, The snes era was the best....

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Artemidorus2552d ago

You should, they provide the true meaning to gaming.

Miss_Vixen2552d ago

You should really give some of the older Final Fantasy games a try at least. Particularly number 6, 7, and 9. :)

8 and 10 is are also good entries.

GamerProfessionals2552d ago

Man, I feel like everyone just forgot about Final Fantasy IV. :/ IV and V feel quite unappreciated. :(

donwel2551d ago

6 and 8 are best though that's just my opinion, 9 was also quite good. Though I never did get to finish 9 because some dick stolen the last disc, the anger was real on that day.
I never did get around to playing 10 but it is sat on my PS4 hard drive so I'm sure I'll get around to it eventually.

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Muzikguy2552d ago

The demo that was just released left a bitter taste in my mouth. (Yeah, I ate it.) it actually left me wondering "why am I hyped again? This kind of sucks." I hope the game is much better than that demo because I was not impressed. I did like the areas and camera moving, although turned off by the load times

showtimefolks2552d ago

real time gamelay means i will finally play a FF game

i hope FF7 remake games are also using real time combat instead of turned based

attract new fans to the series

Melankolis2552d ago

I bet you played a lot of action games. Never bother the previous games, they are great, but if you are 20+ years then your taste is probably fixed, it's gonna be hard to love FF/RPG.

FFXV is more action oriented, but it is still an RPG, slow pace scenario happens many times. So if my prediction true it's gonna be 50-50.

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guywazeldatatt2552d ago

really excited for this one. I did love the XIII series, but this could bring FF back to the way it's supposed to be.

GamerProfessionals2552d ago

That's the way Tabata's been marketing it, too, apparently.

ShadowWolf7122552d ago

Yeah, a "grounded, modern setting", product placement for cars, every lead character dressed in all black...

TOTES what Final Fantasy is supposed to be! :D

gamer78042552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

agreed, this new iteration looks bland and boring. The new demo i couldn't even finish, it put me to sleep.

guyman2552d ago


Man Final Fantasy looks fantastic, looks incredibly interesting and fun.

SoulMikeY2552d ago

Gamer7804, maybe you should go back to school and learn how to speak before you play video games...

ShadowWolf712, I know you're being sarcastic, but 7 and 8, the two greatest FF's, are pretty much the same as 15. So yeah, how it SHOULD be.

DragonDDark2552d ago

A decade of waiting should be worth it

GamerProfessionals2552d ago

I hope so too, actually. Considering the game was never really on my personal radar until Wednesday night. :P

Pullmywaffle2552d ago

Worked for duke nukem forever and too human, right?

Godmars2902552d ago

Just looks like an amusement/tourist ride to me.

GamerProfessionals2552d ago

Totally respect your opinion, but I think there's a lot more to it than meets the eye.

guywazeldatatt2552d ago

honestly I haven't been this excited for a FF game in a reallyyyy long time.

garrettbobbyferguson2552d ago

"more to it than meets the eye"

Judging from the unfavorable reviews and feedback I've seen regarding the demo that just released, I doubt this.

SoulMikeY2552d ago

Garretbobby, where are these "unfavorable" reviews? Oh that's right, they're not real... lol. Try harder dog.

There's like 20 people with 5 accounts each, that just sit there and rag on good s***.

Metallox2552d ago

This. Recent marketing has been insisting on showing the band driving in their car along the highway, as if that was the only thing available in the game.

I would like to see a bit more before biting the hype.

Godmars2902552d ago

By what I've seen there will be Chocobos. And a yacht.

Also at some point - and I doubt I'm giving anything away - the car WILL FLY!

NorthernFrost2552d ago

I do wish they wouldn't abandon turn-based combat, but I guess it's inevitable for Square at this point. I have to say this entry does look promising and ambitious and I'm excited to check it out.

GamerProfessionals2552d ago

The new combat is kinda growing on me, actually! I think turn based combat only worked well on those older games now that I look at it. Final Fantasy IV will still be my number one in the series for that. :P

Kane222552d ago

trust me, i loved turned based games. but now everything has to be action or have online attached to it...

FullmetalRoyale2552d ago

Part of why I'm so excited for Persona. It'll show again how people still want it. Though I have the fortune of living both action, and turned base.