Doom closed beta impressions, a brutal and beautiful FPS experience

Yes, it´s almost show time for ID Software´s FPS game "Doom", and after spending a few hours playing the closed beta of "Doom" to the PS4. I (Sharn Daniels, TGG) think it’s safe to say that this game is ultra violent, bloody, and the explosive action will make fans feel right at home. In the matter of fact, I haven’t enjoyed an arena FPS game like this in a very long time.

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Simon_the_sorcerer1052d ago

I like the beta, but I have connection problems :S

TGG_overlord1052d ago

Are you on PS4 or Xbox One?

TGG_overlord1051d ago

Very much so ;) And thankfully enough, it´s nothing like the Doom BFG edition.

Paytaa1051d ago

It's been far too long. Love this beta so much.

Arrow22831051d ago

From the beta on PS4 everything has been pretty damn solid. I did notice some partial screen tearing, but this is a beta. What is so awesome is the memories this game produces and well makes me want another Quake again. I love these fast paced games and visually looks stunning!

TGG_overlord1051d ago

That´s what Sharn told me, but "perhaps" that will be solved before release? I also thought about the PS4.5 (4K resolution? Yes please!). Maybe that could solve the frame rate problems and screen tearings?

Arrow22831051d ago (Edited 1051d ago )

I said this in another article. Kotaku isn't that repeatable, but I could be wrong also. Honestly, I think the upgrade will be bigger HDD, 4K Blu ray Player and maybe the component to use PSVR without having to use the extension for the systems we have now. It's just a thought, but you never know.

slate911051d ago

Do you understand that a console to be able to support 4k gaming would have to cost in the upwards of +$1000?

TGG_overlord1051d ago

Ah, I understand. Because I am yet to read up on the PS4.5 console (as I don´t own an PS4 at this time, I´m very interested in the console).

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