Sexy New WipEout HD Screens

"We enjoyed the hell out of a pre-release Wipeout HD at last year's Games Convention. But the PlayStation Network release is looking noticeably more impressive in its showing this year, what with its fancy pants new menus and graphical upgrades. We sat down with the PlayStation 3 game -- which is hopefully coming soon -- today to get an update on how its looking (sharp!) and how it plays (the same!), but we'll bore you with our hands-on impressions of Wipeout HD after we do more than just lose three races and clumsily navigate German language menus. How does tomorrow work for you? Excellent! Enjoy the new screens."

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Cajun Chicken3734d ago

See those images move in Hi-Def motion with Kraftwerk at the background.

slave2Dcontroller3734d ago

couldnt agree with you more. Man this is one slick ass game. I thought it would be out by now. I WANT!

whoelse3734d ago

Wow it looks phenominal!

Fall/Autumn can't come soon enough.

Antan3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

WOW! Im betting the delay may of been to further improve the visuals as i can`t remember it looking this good!! Maybe improved tools became available? What a looker this is! I still won`t pay more than 20 quid though.

Edit-: Actually ill pay whatever they ask! hehe.