Rocket League Fulll Server Downtime Has Players Getting Mad

NoobFeed writes: "Popular multiplayer game, Rocket League, has been experiencing some recurring downtime with servers lately. Today’s bout, now ongoing for about four or five hours, has people in forums growing increasingly more resentful."

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Kribwalker1052d ago

I always have terrible connections in rocket league. I find it extremely frustrating dealing with the lag I don't experience in other games.

kaizokuspy1052d ago

Are you searching for matches only in your region? I always have a 16 ping. Highest I've had is 108 and that's playing in the oceanic region servers

Kribwalker1051d ago

It searches all regions automatically? I just go quick match find a match and I swear I see the broken connection thing min 4 times a match and the ball just disappear a lot and my internet is Telus extreme. 28 Mbps over wifi

kaizokuspy1051d ago

You can select which region to only search for. Where it says all regions. Highlight and click or press x or a, or enter. A drop down menu will let you select and deselect which region you want to search for. Being in NA I generally only search for East and west US. Hope that helps

paul-p19881051d ago

Some games i do get that, but the majority of them i have between 16-24 ping. Just pick your region instead of all of them and you should be fine, the only time it's a bit laggy is if the opposition have a bad connection (i will have 24ping and they have 240 ping lol)

Kalebninja1051d ago

How'd this get approved with that clear as day typo?