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"Reviewing Quantum Break is an exceptionally difficult task. Reviewing any game that stands on its narrative and story direction is incredibly hard to do. Quantum Break is that type of game, one that is driven by narrative, plots and subplots, and the options of choice. Running through the game and giving our impressions WITHOUT spoiling the story might not make for the greatest review, but it needs to be done none-the-less."

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spicelicka1052d ago

Does making story choices actually change the game path?

TFJWM1052d ago

Changes the live action slightly, like 2 mins out of the 22 is different supposedly. There is only 1 ending thou

magiciandude1052d ago

This masterpiece is going to be so amazing. GOTY 2016!

Prubar1052d ago

I've seen allot of people saying the reviews are "so divisive" but going off metacritic the good reviews clearly outweigh the negative. So saying "SO divisive" seems a bit dramatic.

christocolus1052d ago

Exacly, going with Metacritic

55 reviews are positive
14 are mixed
and only 2 are negative

You can check out the other reviews here. A huge majority of the reviews have been positive. Just sort by score and you'll see it for yourself.

jb2271051d ago

Here's one going w/ Metacritic too, this time for Evolve, a game that is the textbook definition of divisive, if not considered outright bad

30 are positive
16 are mixed
0 are negative

I don't understand why people are getting so defensive about the reviews for this game. Ultimately they are just the opinions of others & they take no enjoyment from the gamer. To ignore any potential issues for games we haven't even played & to discredit the issues that keep cropping up in multiple reviews is backwards.

The review scores themselves aren't divisive, it's the gamer's interpretations of them that are very divisive. I think people should wait until the game itself comes out to make up their own minds, then we can all reconvene & have these discussions from an informed place. Criticizing a critique is kinda pointless.

candystop1052d ago

I just hope it's a good game and will try it for myself. Many times I've read reviews especially movie reviews that in no way were accurate to me. Alan Wake was a good game but it's negatives quickly killed it for me! Here's hoping QB is much better and this time I agree with the higher scores.