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"It's four o'clock in the morning and the main character Jack Joyce arrives at the fictional University, where he is to meet with his longtime friend Paul Sereno."

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ShadowKnight1054d ago (Edited 1054d ago )

Bring in Alan Wake 2 PLEASE!! I hope they started development on that game.

TwoForce1054d ago

I hope so. But it gonna be awhile.

Inzo1054d ago

The Order was torn appart by xbox fanboys, how the wheel has turned.

Bathyj1054d ago

And just like The Order I'll probably enjoy this.

ninsigma1054d ago

Yeah me too, I'm stoked for it. Can't deny that the shoe is now on the other foot though. A lot of the same people defending QB bashed the hell out of the order for similar things they're defending now.

SpeakTruthAlways1054d ago

Yep, I remember complains of short story, no co-op, no MP, no replayability etc, but all is fine if the same complains remain in a game as long as that said game is an xbox one console exclusive. Funny how that works.

Prubar1054d ago

Well QB has mostly good reviews with a few stinkers thrown in. The Order was sort of the opposite.

MachuchalBrotha3161054d ago

Lol...except QB isnt getting torn apart like The Order.
Its actually reviewing better. Like I said where are you guys in the great,good or above average review articles? There were barley any great or good reviews for The Order. Don't worry guys I have heavy armor...

Inzo1054d ago

The Order also had some great reviews, what I am saying is that xbox fanboys gave their own nonsense opinions without even playing the game. The difference between these two games is QB was hyped to the heavens while the Order was bashed at every turn and the Order turned out great for those who bought it and it did sell well even with the bad reviews.

TwoForce1054d ago

Oh really ? I enjoy The Orders 1886. But the reason the game got bashed because it got hate from the start to the end. QB got praise from the beginning but in the end it got mix bag. So QB isn't GOTY contender. That how is start. The fear, the rage and the feeling. Turn good man to cruel.

InTheLab1054d ago

So you're basically saying this game is being torn apart by PS fanboys? Seems legit because this game is doing much better than The Order.

Inzo1053d ago

Nope, what I am saying is that karma is a bitch.

Germany71053d ago

Still, no way is a GOTY contender, far from it.

TheRealHeisenberg1053d ago

Isn't that the circle of life between you all? What comes around goes around right?

InTheLab1053d ago

Karma for whom? Xbros didn't make this game. Remedy did.

TwoForce1053d ago

Remedy made the game. But it's Xbox fanboy who hyped way too way. That's why Karma is b*****.

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quent1054d ago

People do seem to like commenting more on the negatives then on the positives of the reviews of games, could anyone maybe elaborate on this observation, is it just more enjoyable and fulfilling to look only at the negatives and how does something that you don't have any interest in or know anything about, how is it going to affect you and your chosen piece of plastic ?

Izalith1053d ago

Ordered the game just now. If I dont like it I can just try and sell it on ebay etc and get some of money back. I did like Max Payne 1/2, Alan Wake with Dlc 1/2 and hope I like this one.

Don't own a gaming pc so Quantum Break is ordered on my Xbox One Elite.