Mass Effect: Andromeda Gameplay Leaked, First Images Revealed

ThisGenGaming says "It looks like the first footage of Mass Effect: Andromeda has been leaked, we can’t confirm if this is real, but it looks convincing. The video is down now after a claim from EA, but we managed to capture some screens from the video of the leaked gameplay."


Video has been added, along with GIFs if taken down again.

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NerveGearneeded1049d ago

found the video wasnt hard to search for it as they dont show it on the linked article

WrestlingNewsFan1049d ago

Thanks for posting. The original video was deleted when the article was submitted.

Griever1049d ago (Edited 1049d ago )

Finally, we get to see something. Or maybe it is an April Fool joke?? Anyway, it has been so annoying the way Bioware has been teasing and hyping the game for years but not showing anything. What is up with all the secrecy?? They are not developing a secret military project here.

Man the biggest improvement I want from Bioware are body animations and facial animations. The characters in their games are so stiff and walk like wooden puppets. Even Dragon Age inquisition, a next-gen game, suffers from this. The characters have only a couple of animations as they chat and all of them walk the same way with their arms wide open hanging in the air. The jumping animations etc are all so outdated and cartoony. I hope mass effect brings a truly next-gen RPG experience from Bioware.

Phunkydiabetic11049d ago


I agree. That shit was straight out of 2007.

hay1049d ago

Well, this "leak" explains why they haven't shown anything. They've got nothing worthwile.

getbacktogaming1048d ago

lmao we have been waiting sooo long to see gameplay and of course we had to see a 'leak' before an official reveal :P

Vhampir1048d ago

Wouldn't you rather have seen tweets from devs? Didn't you love reading about how awesome the concept art is?

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jc121049d ago

Thanks for the link. This game is going to be awesome. I can feel it.

Sam Fisher1048d ago

I dont get it, it shouldn't look like me3. These are 2 different engines, me3 used unreal. Wasnt MEA supposed to use frostbite?
Even if they try to build it from scratch it should look really different anyways

IamTylerDurden11048d ago (Edited 1048d ago )

It doesn't look like Frostbite, it looks like cut ME3 footage or fan made. I'm judging from pictures and Gifs.

MEA will knock ppl's socks off visually. Think DAI, but much more impressive.

TheColbertinator1049d ago

Looks legit from what I've seen.

Hopefully its here next year

freshslicepizza1049d ago

i'm thinking first half of 2017.

iDadio1049d ago

Hopefully they put the same style multiplayer in, that hooked me and friends for months was such a basic concept but with the different classes and skills it was executed perfectly

Fin_The_Human1049d ago

Was Hoping they would improve on the movement but the character still seems stiff.

Hopefully this is prealpha and the controllers get alot smoother for the final release.

Was really frustrated with ME3 when I tried to turn are while sprinting tried to move from wall to wall.

Heyxyz1049d ago (Edited 1049d ago )

It may be small, but it's still very impressive!


Anyway, can't wait to see more!

kraenk121049d ago

Nothing impressive in what was shown there.

IamTylerDurden11048d ago

It looks last gen, i doubt it's MEA. Everything we've heard points to MEA being spectacular visually, not this nonsense. It doesn't look like a new engine, it doesn't look like Frostbite.

TwoForce1049d ago

The look of it, Bioware still use some elements from Mass Effect 3 with some changes.For Example, the health bar is no longer have 5 health bars, it now has full health bar. The movement system has some changes, it got Jetpack feature if the jetpack is ability. I don't know, that's just my guess.

Fin_The_Human1049d ago

Was going to say the same thing.

I was really hoping for a complete overhaul from ME3 but it looks like we will just get a new ME with prettier graphics.

TwoForce1049d ago

In my opinion, I thought the gameplay in Mass Wffect 3 was pretty good.

1049d ago
_-EDMIX-_1049d ago

? So you are expecting it to suddenly be a different genre? Lol

Fin_The_Human1049d ago

Nope same genre.

Just add bits from each game to improve it.

Planet exploration already excise in ME just that you can't land on certain planets to gather resources.

The vehicles in ME handle like [email protected] and the weapons can get boring after the minimal upgrades that you can dobto them...I mean they now have reaper technology so the possibility is endless when it comes to weapons.

The combat is OK but could you some serious refining... Heck as smooth as gears combat is the Collision is giving it an overhaul.

I love ME as much as the next guy but if Andromeda is a ME 3.5 with prettier graphics then I might wait till it hits the barging bin

starchild1049d ago (Edited 1049d ago )

Aren't you guys jumping to conclusions? This is a mere 50-second-long video and we don't know from which stage in development it came from.

Moreover, yes, it looks like Mass Effect, which is to be expected since it is a Mass Effect game. Just like Halo 5 and Uncharted 4 look pretty dang similar to previous games in those series.

IamTylerDurden11048d ago

It's going to be a complete overhaul. It's a new engine, a new game, a new lead. I doubt this was legit. MEA will be gorgeous, i would bet my life on it. DAI was pretty, but MEA is going to blow it out of the water.

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