DOOM - Advanced Graphics Option Revealed - Includes Colorblind, Sharpening & Max FPS

The closed beta phase of DOOM is under way and PC gamers have managed to somehow access the game’s locked Advanced Graphics settings.

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thereapersson1052d ago

Stupid developers locking features because they want parity with consoles. PC gamers will always find a way.

CorndogBurglar1051d ago

They're probably just locked for the beta, dude.

Why on earth would they include a colorblind setting and then lock it so no one can use it?


1051d ago
Lamboomington1051d ago (Edited 1051d ago )

Might be just for the beta...

Even so, you can say that about any game, because there are always things that are not present in the options menu that you can tweak in the ini file.