Sonic R VR coming this Fall

Do you remember the classic Sonic racing game, Sonic R? Well, it's coming to VR this fall whether you like it or not!

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naruga1050d ago

well played from PS VR ..if it becomes a new hospitable (and exclusive) home for Sonic and SEGA also bring out some quality Sonic games starting from zero it will be a huge plus in competition

freshslicepizza1050d ago

why make it exclusive to psvr? might not be a bad game blazing around at lightning speed

Becuzisaid1050d ago

I remember that not too many people really liked this game.

FlyingFoxy1050d ago

It wasn't the worst game at the time IMO, it was ok ish. I guess it just didn't age very well.

Lionalliance1050d ago

April fools was yesterday guy :U

343_Guilty_Spark1050d ago

I begged my dad to buy Sonic R for my Saturn. It was a fun game for a 9 year old at the time but it had really clunky controls.

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The story is too old to be commented.