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FGE - Resident Evil has changed a lot over the years. Having practically created its own genre of survival horror with its PlayStation One incarnation, the franchise eventually became a video game household name, even spawning its own film franchise with husband-wife duo Paul Anderson and Milla Jovovich. The action element continues to become the main staple of the series as more action is added to its 4th installment (considered as one of the best in the series), and practically went all out action with the 5th and 6th installments, the latter of which has been criticized for being too similar to the Call of Duty games and being too action-oriented and hence loses the survival horror aspect and appeal that defined the series in the first place. In an attempt to please both its long time and newer fans, Resident Evil 6 lets you play through 4 different campaigns. The results ended with one of the most polarizing games made in the past few years. Now, 4 years later, Resident Evil 6...

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