Is The Division Ubisoft’s Next Big Franchise?

ThisGenGaming says "Ubisoft has created something new and if you haven’t heard of it, you might just live under a rock. It’s called Tom Clancy’s The Division, a third-person shooter that puts the player in the role of an agent of The Division and you’re going to New York City after a smallpox pandemic swept the city. In this game, you get to really explore New York in an open world environment. And it’s an amazing game, the RPG elements allow you to create a unique and customizable agent. And with its success, it begs the question is The Division Ubisoft’s next big franchise?"

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averagejoe261053d ago

I hope not. It's already played out.

Chug1053d ago

While I didn't enjoy The Division beta at all, thought it was garbage. I can still say why not?

Obviously other people are enjoying the hell out of this game, so why not let Ubisoft make a thing out of it?

Khaotic1053d ago

Because of entitlement and narcissism. You have to like everything he does or your a plague on gaming. I love the division. Sure I would like to see some things done different but all in all my friends and I have a blast

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maelstromb1053d ago

Logged over 35hrs (which I get is not a lot), but I'm already bored and I've moved on... the combat is just... SO dull with virtually no variety.

OoglyBoogly1053d ago

35 hours with most games these days is a pretty big deal. The fact you got that much out of it seems decent (Quantum Break is 8 hours with no multiplayer, little replay value and is also $60 in comparison...and it's not even as fun).

Myself I played it hard core and beat the campaign over a week. Now I just go back here and there, don't burn myself out on it. Have something like 51 hours into it and still enjoying it in little 2-3 hour spurts.

vinniects1053d ago

How do you know that Quantum Break is not as fun?

OoglyBoogly1053d ago


Based on reviews this appears to be the case over all. Gun play looks very generic (you can't even shoot from cover) and thinks like the platforming parts slow the game down.

Not saying it's a bad game but based on what I've seen game play wise Quantum looks rather boring and generic.

Goldby1053d ago

remember that that was very similiar to the first Assassins Creed, while that was more innovative in the style of game it was, it wasn't a great game compared to Assassin's Creed 2. Division has the foundation to be a good franchise, it's whether Ubisoft takes it time to deliver that franchise that should be asked.

OoglyBoogly1053d ago

Well for me the only thing that I could really ask for of the Division in the future is an actual reason to explore. I thought, based on what I knew and saw before launch, that The Division would almost be like The Witcher 3 or Fallout in which you would be rewarded with side quests and great loot if you explored the city. You know, just wondering around, see some open door or passage, go check it out, and end up being dragged into some 2 hour quest.

Instead what we got were mapped out missions. Basically, if it's not on the map, then there's nothing to do. I didn't like this. I want exploration to be more natural and random.

averagejoe261053d ago (Edited 1053d ago )

^ I agree with you but I'm not sure how you'd ever think The Division was going to be like the Witcher or fallout. It was obvious from the footage and interviews it was going to be an empty shell of a game similar to Destiny.

How anyone thought it would be anything different is beyond me but I do agree with your sentiments about the game.

Summons751053d ago

It's a fun game but I don't see how it's franchisable. There isn't much of a story, though the premise is very interesting. It's an MMO though. You can maybe make a sequel in a few years but It's not like Rainbow Six that is known for excellent stories....though they dropped the ball three times in a row now with that :/

OoglyBoogly1053d ago

Future Soldier was pretty damn good. Not as technical but still a blast!

Summons751053d ago

Yesh it was but that's also Ghost Recon and not Rainbow Six but GR also falls into that it has great stories but GRAW wasn't quite good, FS was better, and Wildlands doesn't look anything like Ghost Recon but hopefully I'm wrong.

OoglyBoogly1053d ago

GRAW wasn't bad. See, with me the story is never really the main focus. I've always played Clancy games for their game play, tactics, weapon handling, squad/team work, etc.

So for me GRAW wasn't that strong story wise, but really, what Clancy game is? It's generally some terrorist doing terrorist things.

So to me GRAW was pretty good. Also, if you haven't already, the games are different on PC and consoles. GRAW on consoles was a third person cover shooter. On PC it's a first person shooter. Everything is different.

Relientk771053d ago

Tom Clancys The Division 2 coming 2019-2022

aww yeah lol

for real though I would buy a sequel, The Division is fun

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