CSM: Little League World Series Baseball 2008 Review

CSM Writes:

"The coolest thing about the game is that every movement from pitching to batting to base running and fielding can be performed via the touch screen. With pitching, you choose a style like curve or fastball, touch the place where you want it in the strike zone, then trace the pitch precisely on the path that appears on the touch screen. The speed at which you trace will equal the speed of the ball thrown to the catcher. With batting, which is harder than pitching to master, you'll hit the ball with a stylus movement across the strike zone. You'll also get minigames, the best of these is called Horse. If you don't hit the ball in the right direction, you get a letter. Spell out a complete word and you lose. Beyond the minigames, even the long group of games in the World Series is a delight to play."

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