Ocarina of Time is Still the Greatest Game of All Time

Morgan Lewis, Managing Editor for Gamer Professionals, writes:

"Despite all the technological advances in the almost-18 years since Ocarina of Time’s debut on the Nintendo 64, it still dwarfs its competition . It was revolutionary in so many different ways and despite the fact that it is almost 20 years old, it still holds up incredibly well. It is not only one of the best games ever, it is the greatest game ever made, even among Zelda games, which is no small feat. Zelda isn’t just one of the premiere Nintendo franchises in the west; it is one of the premiere franchises in the west. There are a multitude of different reasons that set Ocarina of Time apart from both Zelda games and current-generation games alike, but none more than the perfect balance that the game maintains between gameplay and story."

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guywazeldatatt2549d ago

I play the ending of this game and I still get tears in my eyes. It's as close to perfection as any game has gotten.

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Rayven2549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )

I'm not sure why would anyone bother to argue this. The best game of all time is as subjective a topic can get.

The early pc gamers would argue that the best of all time is Doom, perhaps Baldur's Gate.

As a ps4 gamer I already hold Last of Us as one of the greatest of all time.

As a person born in the 90's, I would say Civ 5, Fallout 2 (not 3), and Skyrim topping my best of all time.

And I'm pretty sure everyone here have completely different opinions than me. It's that divisive.

CorndogBurglar2549d ago

Couldn't be more right :)

I was born in the '82. I've played every console from the Atari and PC up until now.

My favorites of all time are actually Star Wars: Tie Fighter, Marvel Vs Capcom 2, and, ironically enough, Ocarina of Time.

As far as games that I've had the most memorable fun with, nothing tops those for me.

sorenx2548d ago

i though the last of use was not enough gameplay to justify its a full game thats me though it felt like a movie

Whymii2549d ago

Having played all Zeldas to completion, even the Game and Watch, my favourite is Links Awakening followed by Link to the Past and Wind Waker. But are they the best games of all time? No. Just great games.

PhucSeeker2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

The world ain't never gonna agree on one best game/movie/song/... because we are not clones and every person has their own likes and dislikes.

Whymii2548d ago

That's why I said 'my favourite' rather than the best. Universal assertions are immature and ignorant as we can only speak for ourselves.

Fin_The_Human2548d ago

Played it yesterday on my Galaxy phone and love this game to death.

bnaked2548d ago

I think it's too dated to be the best game ever. Maybe it WAS the best game ever, but the greatest games are timeless, just as the greatest movie masterpieces.
Thing is, that young people who play it for the first time today, wouldn't enjoy it much, not as we did when Ocarina of Time came out. Same goes for Half Life 2 and other so called "best games ever". Hey, HL2 is one of my favorite games.

The greatest interactive experience is probably Journey, because people can play it 50 years from now and they will feel the same way about it as today, because Journey is timeless art, to me it's the first true interactive Masterpiece, its for everyone of any age and it's incredibly deep, you can interpret it like other art masterpieces. Its an experience that has the power to change someones Life.

But this is just my opinion, I don't want to offend anyone. :-)

jholden32492548d ago

That's a fair assessment I think. I personally LOVE Ocarina, but, I wouldn't say it's best game of all time.

For me, that honor would go to one of the following

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest
Final Fantasy X
Metroid Prime
Xenoblade Chronicles

Even games I absolutely LOVE, like Zelda Link Between Worlds/Twilight Princess, The Last of Us, Rise of the Tomb Raider or Ori & the Blind Forest don't make the cut.

My fave older games though, would be

Mega Man 2 or 3
Super Mario World
Final Fantasy 7
Donkey Kong Country 2
Sonic the Hedgehog 2/3

Shame Super Mario 64 doesn't get a mention- it's a GREAT game, just so many others that top it. Same for Mario Galaxy.

Nathan_Hale532548d ago

I first played this game about 6 months ago on my 3DS, although to be fair the game is vastly updated, I love the game to death. This is also my little cousin's favorite game. I believe it aged fantastically. Dungeon design is some of the best out of the LoZ series and the gameplay is fun and graphics are great on the 3DS version. Great story for what it is as well. It isn't my favorite game, but Majora's Mask is in my top 10 for sure and this one probably in my top 20.

3-4-52548d ago

* One of my favorite games ever.

For the type of game it is, it is definitely up there as being one of the best.

Not every game does everything so to me there is no best ever for anything....just what you like the most.

Love this game though.

XisThatKid2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

Hmm great game no doubt, I don't enjoy these games like everyone else and deff not for the sake of its name sake GOAT I'ma keep looking.

TheSuperiorGamer2548d ago

It's a good game but a lot of this is nostalgia

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NorthernFrost2549d ago

Not my favorite Zelda, but certainly a very important game! Looking forward to reading this

guywazeldatatt2549d ago

It may not be everyone's favorite and it wasn't even my first zelda game, but, the balance between gameplay and story is perfect. They did truly create a masterpiece.

NorthernFrost2549d ago

I agree, basically a prime example of a flawless game.

nitus102549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )

My first Zelda was Zelda 1 on the NES which IMHO was excellent value for money since it was basically two games in one. Once you finished and were asked if you wanted to restart, if you answered "yes" then you got the same overland but except for dungeon one all other dungeons had moved and the enemies were allot harder.

Next came Zelda 2 for the NES and this was actually different in that you had an overland but when battle commenced you moved into side scrolling perspective (remember this was an 8bit console) rather than the sort of top down perspective of Zelda1 and many other Zelda's after that.

The final boss in Zelda 2 was interesting and I was surprised to get him in my first attempt although it did take a while and that rotten controller made my hands ache so much that I actually when out an brought a set of sleeves for it.

Personally I do like the Zelda series but as for saying that "Ocarina of Time" and I have played and completed it, was the greatest game of all time I beg to differ.

Fin_The_Human2548d ago

Makes you wonder what Nintendo game developers can do with more power.

Not saying that to make a great game you need a powerful console but it does help the developers as they don't have to sacrifice anything in order to make the game that they visioned.

frostypants2549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )

Agreed. "A Link to the Past" is my favorite. And it's one of the prettiest sprite-generated games ever made to this day.

I found "Ocarina" kind of dull and it hasn't aged well visually. It doesn't have the charm of its predecessors.

Nathan_Hale532548d ago

Personally, my favorite is Majora's Mask. Loved this game though. Most people seem to forget how important this game was/is.

GamerProfessionals2549d ago

I'm gonna have to disagree. It depends on which generation you primed at playing Zelda. When I really was into the series it was Link to the Past or Twilight Princess. As groundbreaking as Ocarina was it never had the same impact as ALttP or TP for me. I'm sure people are gonna have varying opinions but I personally think calling it best of all time is stretching it.

guywazeldatatt2549d ago

See I started with the original back in like '90 or so, and I was in the OoT internet scene which hit just as OoT was coming out (the internet). Weird how these things work out :P

Spyroo2548d ago

Oh shut up Zelda fanboy

guywazeldatatt2549d ago

Not necessarily. I play games on all consoles, I just happen to think this is still the greatest game of all time.

spektical2549d ago

thats your opinion.

I personally think ratchet deadlocked is the best game ever because of the thousand of hours I poured into online.

scark922549d ago

That is due to nostalgia, but in regards to mechanics, story etc, it has been surpassed, it was important but someone new to gaming in this generation will not be able to play it easy.

Back-to-Back2548d ago

Shocker. A fanboy with Link in his name thinks an overrated game is the best game of alltime. More at 6.

Nathan_Hale532548d ago

People wanna say it is hard to play nowadays need to pick it up on a 3DS.

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trywizardo2549d ago

its good,but not the best ...
there is games way better than it IMO.

DragonDDark2549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )

Dark souls
Uncharted 2
The last of us
Super Mario galaxy 1 or 2
Mass Effect 2
Half life 2
Red dead redemption
Portal 2
Lots of Final Fantasy games.
Chrono trigger

Lots of contenders.

Kalebninja2549d ago

Skyrim and halo arent even on par with OOT lol

DragonDDark2549d ago

Yeah... but lots of what I listed could beat it.

81BX2549d ago

Those games are crap in comparison. You also have to take into consideration the year it was made. Imo no game todate is as important

ColonelHugh2549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )


Bruh, none of those games are crap in comparison even if you look at the era of their origins. Especially so.
Without Chrono Trigger there wouldn't even be an Ocarina of Time, and it was just as perfect. It also revolutionized games forever after. So did RE2, FFVI and VII, Gran Turismo, Mega Man II, Street Fighter II, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Super Mario Bros, Halo, and a great many more games of the SAME caliber of quality and influence. The only difference between them being that their objective quality (graphics, if not controls or story) decreases with time while influence increases. So the older the more influential.

If anyone here can honestly tell themselves that they know the single, best game of all time, then I'd say they have a bias of some kind, such as favored genre, company, creator, nostalgia, or some such. I would think pinpointing the best game of all time would be impossible objectively. Most of us probably fall victim to nostalgia more than any other bias. Few if any of us would admit that a game we've never played is truly as great as the praise heaped on it for years and years, though, and it's a cause of strife.

nitus102549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )


I would not classify Halo (FPS), Red dead Redemption (Action/Adventure) and Uncharted (Action/Adventure) as RPG's although I do agree with the others you mentioned.

Personally I liked The Secret of Manna and Seiken Densetsu 3 (DeJap version) over Chrono Trigger but it was still a good game.

I also like FF12 for it's open world environments but then I have liked all the FF games from 4 (except for 9. 11 & 14) to to shock horror FF13 although I did prefer FF13-2 over FF13.

darren_poolies2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )


Yeah Dark Souls is my #1 with Bloodborne a close second.


That's a stupid argument, because in that case a better game can never be made.

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nowitzki20042549d ago

Halo better than OCOT? How come?

gamer_xaf2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

-Halo single handed saved the original xbox from a Dreamcast fate.

-Made FPS games viable on console with usable controls that FPS games still use today.

-Made xbox live what it is today.

-made MLG and what it became today

-Inspired a company called Rooster Teeth to be founded by creating their first and one of the most successful internet shows Red vs Blue.

-has one of the most memorable music themes in history.

- halo literally made gaming mainstream way before call of duty. When gaming was still thought of as for children and nerds only.

... i could go on but I have to go do some stuff. You get the point anyway.

Metallox2548d ago

@gamer_xaf Read again, he's not asking why Halo is more influential.

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