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A brief tour of a tiny corner of No Man's Sky

At this point, anyone who's been following No Man's Sky has an idea of what developer Hello Games is trying to deliver: a massive, open-ended space exploration game that thousands upon thousands of people will play without (likely) ever coming into contact with each other. But how does it all work in practice? What do you actually do in the game, anyway?

These were the kinds of questions Polygon set out to answer when they sat down with Hello Games managing director Sean Murray for a demo of No Man's Sky yesterday, after which the studio set them loose — for maybe 20 minutes in a PlayStation 4 build — to explore the cosmos for themselves.

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Community1081d ago
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DudeJets1081d ago

Rather excited for this game, would love to view it in VR

mogwaii1081d ago

This will be the biggest missed opportunity for a psvr killer app, i am still naively hoping it will be announced as psvr compatible.

christian hour1081d ago (Edited 1081d ago )

"But, but, but what do you DO in the game!?"

Seriously if one more person asks that, I quit this site. We've had 100's of articles, interviews and videos over the past 2 and a 1/2 years explaining and revealing all the amazing things there are to do in this world.

If someone is still wondering after reading this (even though most of this info is about 2 months old now) then, well your intentions are known.

Sorry, it just feels like everytime I come on to n4g to see if theres any new NMS news, I have to end up giving a huge detailed list of all the things the game contains, to inform the misinformed calling it a walking simulator etc... or maybe I've been feeding the trolls these past 2 years. I dunno.

Either way I was surprised to see Polygon give a nice brief on the most recent demonstration by Sean Murray. Brief but informative that I do have hope it'll stop some people questioning it.

Personally, I was sold day one just at the idea of exploring procedural worlds with procedural life, I've wanted that my whole life, I'm being spoilt with the fact theres more. So much more!

Though I am kinda disappointed they stopped keeping the NPCs a secret (denied in early reviews with a sly smile). They wanted the game to be a massive surprise on launch day, hence the similar trailers with no new dtails, but too many people where whining about the game having nothing I feel they were forced to reveal this information. Thankfully theres still a bunch of other little secrets for us to discover on launch day!

Thanks Sean Murray, while most my country might be cheering on Conor McGregor, you're my personal national hero!

The_Sage1081d ago

Very well said. No Man's Sky is the game that I am most looking forward to this year. It's been top of my list since it was announced. + Bubble.

Did you happen to see "A Night under No Man's Sky"?.. If not, you should definitely look into it.

christian hour1081d ago

65days are only one of my favourite bands, ever :D Got introduced to em in 2007 when my mate had a spare ticket to see em in temple bar music centre. This game was almost tailor made for me :3

Goldby1081d ago (Edited 1081d ago )

but, but, what do you do?

Sorry M8 couldn't help myself, and dont worry i know about this game, you wont have to explain everything again

@The_Sage, i definitely converted a youtube video just for the music. 9min mark is my favourite song.

The_Sage1078d ago

I hadn't heard of 65days before No Man's Sky. I quickly became a fan.

I can't wait to get my hands on this game.